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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Cherry Class Blog 2018-19

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 01/04/19, by Admin

    Happy New Year!

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 25/03/19, by Steve Richardson

    We've had a really busy week in Cherry Class. On Monday we shared our Learning Journals with our grown-ups and gave them a little taste of our learning by re-telling some of the Easter story. We also sang our Bunny Cokey song.

    On Wednesday we had our inspirational visitor; Paul Sturgess, who is the tallest man in Britain! Cecily wrote about him, "He's big and strong." Freddie wrote "He's taller than Mr. Richardson." He taught the children basketball skills such as dribbling and passing. He reminded us all that we are all different and should be proud of who we are.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 21/03/19, by Steve Richardson

    We had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day last Friday and the children really enjoyed telling each other their jokes. The class voted that Skyla's joke was the winner and, as well as telling us, she told the whole school her joke at our Red Nose Worship assembly; "What flies in the air and wobbles? A jellycopter."

    In maths this week we have been learning "one less and more," Izabel told us. Kai knew that one less than twenty is "nineteen."

    Cass told us , "Ive been doing drawing about Minecraft and a little bit of writing. 

    "I've been dressing up as Spiderman and playing a game spinning webs with my friends," said Oakley

    "I done a model with Beatrice. We made a box," said Szymon. Beatrice added; "It was colourful."

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 14/03/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we have been practising reading and writing owl words. Kai told us some owl words, "was, no and the."

    We have also been working out one more than a number. "One more than five is six," said Oakley. "One more than fourteen is fifteen," Sara told us. 

    Cass has really enjoyed writing this week. "I writed about my grandma."

    Filip told us "I've really enjoyed playing with my friends."

    "I've been building a house," said Jonah.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 07/03/19, by Steve Richardson

    Another super, busy week in Cherry Class. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday and everyone had a pancake; "I enjoyed eating the pancakes because they had chocolate on," said Freddie. 

    We also talked about what we might give up during Lent; "I'm going to stop eating snacks all the time," said Toby.

    On World Book day the children all came dressed up and described what they were; "I dressed up as sporty," Freddie told us and Izabel said, "I was sleepy. I was in my jamas."


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 01/03/19, by Admin

    This week we have been very busy in Cherry Class. As you can see from the photo we enjoyed the good weather this week.

    We spoke about what we have enjoyed doing and learning about…

    Filip; "I liked dancing outside."

    Mason said “The house” (in our shared area)

    Freddie said “My reading”

    Izabel said “I like doing writing”

    Oakley said “I love painting”


    We also talked about the things we like doing at home…

    Skyla said “I like jumping on my trampoline”

    Jonah said “I like playing football”

    Filip said “I enjoy going to my cousins any day I can go”

    Felix said “I enjoy going on my trampoline at my Daddy’s”


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 14/02/19, by Admin

    This half term has gone so fast! We've had another fantastic learning week. 

    We started our week counting and adding two groups of objects to find the total. The children have been really good at this, so we started to see if we could record our maths as number sentences. "Three add one makes four," Brody told us.

    In Literacy we continued reading 'The Three Little Pigs'. To help us remember the words we used Talk for Writing and put actions to each of the words. The children have enjoyed acting out and re-telling the story using story language. "Little pig, little pig, let me in," said  Toby. " No, no, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin," said Szymon. "Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and blow your house down," said Cecily.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 08/02/19, by Admin

    As you can see from our photo we had great fun last Friday on our snow day. We all worked together to build a class snowman. "I made snowballs," said Freddie. "I made a snowman with Mrs Payne," said Toby.

    In maths we have been making repeating patterns.

    In Literacy we have been reading The Three  Little Pigs, acting it out and writing the story.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 31/01/19, by Admin
    This week we have been reading, acting out and writing about 'The Gingerbread Man'. "I've enjoyed making Gingerbread men," said Freddie. On Tuesday the children made their own gingerbread men and really enjoyed eating them - the
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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 18/01/19, by Admin

    This week we have been writing letters to post home. We went to our local post office, bought a stamp and posted our letters to our grown-ups. Watch out for the postman; they should arrive in a few days! We set up our own shop in class to practise using money before we went to buy our own stamps.

    We've also been having great fun reading and acting out the Bear Hunt during the week.

    "We're going to catch a big one," Toby told me. "We're not scared," said Felix. Ask your child what they can tell you about the story.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 13/12/18, by Admin

    Christmas has really started in Cherry Class this week. We enjoyed showing our grown-ups our Christmas Nativity. Cherry Class are developing into very good singers! We've been busy doing Christmas related activities and have a few surprises to take home next week.

    We have been talking about why Christmas is important, drawing pictures and writing about the Christmas Story.  



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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 07/12/18, by Admin

    On Monday we went to post our Christmas letters to Father Christmas. We managed to dodge most of the showers and kept fairly dry. Thanks to all the parent helpers who made the trip possible. 

    In maths we have been using everyday language to talk about time and how we can measure it. "We can use a timer to share, " said Isla. "I get up at seven o'clock," Cass told us. We talked about how long a minute was and counted to 60 whilst watching the second hand on our classroom clock.

    We have also been talking about how important it is to listen to others and to share the activities and resources in our classroom.

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