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Cherry Class Blog 2018-19

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 13/12/18, by Steve Richardson

    Christmas has really started in Cherry Class this week. We enjoyed showing our grown-ups our Christmas Nativity. Cherry Class are developing into very good singers! We've been busy doing Christmas related activities and have a few surprises to take home next week.

    We have been talking about why Christmas is important, drawing pictures and writing about the Christmas Story.  



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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 07/12/18, by Steve Richardson

    On Monday we went to post our Christmas letters to Father Christmas. We managed to dodge most of the showers and kept fairly dry. Thanks to all the parent helpers who made the trip possible. 

    In maths we have been using everyday language to talk about time and how we can measure it. "We can use a timer to share, " said Isla. "I get up at seven o'clock," Cass told us. We talked about how long a minute was and counted to 60 whilst watching the second hand on our classroom clock.

    We have also been talking about how important it is to listen to others and to share the activities and resources in our classroom.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 30/11/18, by Steve Richardson

    This week  we had a visit from the firefighters. On Monday the fire engine drove onto our playground and we went out to see it and all had the chance to squirt water out of the hoses. "I made a rainbow," said Harrison.

    On Thursday Katie, from Chichester fire station, came to talk to us about staying safe around fire and things in the home that might hurt us because they are hot. She taught us a great rhyme to stay safe: 'Lighters, matches, never touch; they can hurt you very much.'

    We have started to practise our Christmas Nativity - don't forget it's on Tuesday 11th December at 9.30am. 

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    Published 23/11/18, by Steve Richardson

    This week we've been talking about how we can keep healthy and what we need to do to stay fit and healthy. "Eat salads," says Cass. "Do press-ups," says Jonah. "Eat vegetables," says Isla. "Do running," says Skyla. "You need to sleep," says Poppy.

    We set up an obstacle course to help us do some exercise and explored moving in different ways. We also tried throwing a bean bag to make it land on the tall bench table.

    In Literacy we have been listening to see if we can use our phonics knowledge to hear, say and write the beginning, middle and end sounds in simple words. In Maths we have been finding shapes in the spaces around us, recognising similarities.

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  • Cherry class Blog

    Published 16/11/18, by Steve Richardson

    We had a really exciting day at the end of the week to celebrate Children in Need. "It's dressing up day 'cos it's Pudsey and special," Jonah told us. Szymon said we dressed up like "something that you want to be."

    In Mathematics we have been exploring 3D shapes and being shape detectives to see what shapes we could find in and around our classroom. In Literacy we have been listening for and saying sounds in words in the order that they appear.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 08/11/18, by Steve Richardson

    This week we have been talking about light in lots of different ways. We remembered that, in the Creation story, God said 'Let there be light' and we have been making collages to represent the Creation Story. We have also been creating pictures of fireworks to celebrate Bonfire night "I done fireworks and it has smoke on it and sparkles"(Poppy).

    We have looked at the Hindu Festival of light - Diwali - and looked at the story of Rama and Sita "I made a crown. I was Sita and I stepped out of the magic circle" (Cecily). The children enjoyed acting out the story in their choosing time: "I stepped out of the circle and the bad king took me away." (Skyla)

    In Maths we explored shapes and talked about their properties: "A triangle. It has three corners and three edges." (Isla)

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 02/11/18, by Steve Richardson

    The children came back from their half-term holiday full of energy and news about all the exciting things they did during their break.

    In class we have been talking about what is a good choice and why we should make them. Can your child tell you about a good choice to make?

    In maths we have been counting a group of up to 10 objects and in Literacy we have been linking sounds to letters, naming and sounding some of the letters of the alphabet: s a t p.

    On Friday we had great fun doing the sponsored bounce on the bouncy castle. Well done to Izabel who managed to do 102 bounces in one minute. Fantastic!

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 19/10/18, by Steve Richardson

    We can't believe that we have already reached the end of our first half-term and have been in school for seven weeks.

    The most popular activity this week has been the balance bikes. We have been lucky to have people visit us with the bikes and take the children for biking sessions on the big playground. The children have enjoyed the sessions so much that we are thinking about how we could do some fundraising to buy some of our own balance bikes.

    In class we have been counting  up to ten everyday objects, listening for the initial sound in words and starting to write some letters: s, a, t. We have also been talking about what we do outside of school, sticking to a main theme and sharing our news with the class.

    At our Attendance assembly this morning we found out that Cherry class have the best attendance of all the classes this half-term. If we can keep this up we are in line for a class prize at the end of term. If the children win they will be able to choose their prize which could be a pizza party or a bouncy castle. So - keep up the great work and let's see if we can keep our record of being the best attenders at Nyewood CE Infant School.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 05/10/18, by Steve Richardson

    This week dancing has been very popular and we have been learning new dances, copying the actions, using our Interactive White Board to screen the dances as you can see from the picture. Dinosaurs are also proving a hit and the children have been using them to act out many different stories. The children have also been constructing different buildings to use in their role-plays with the dinosaurs. 

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    Published 28/09/18, by Steve Richardson

    Cherry Class Blog

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    Published 21/09/18, by Steve Richardson
    We can't believe it's the end of week 3 already. The children have been choosing to do lots of activities linked to Harvest this week. We have talked about how  different kinds of food have grown over the summer and it's at this time
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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 14/09/18, by Steve Richardson

    It's been another busy learning week in Cherry Class. We have been talking about Harvest and looking at the things that have grown in our garden - the marrow and tomatoes we have grown this year and Mrs Smart brought us a pumpkin from her garden. We have been looking closely at them, asking questions, finding out what's inside them and drawing them. We are also reading  Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. We will continue this next week.

    Next week we are encouraging the children to come into class by themselves in the morning. Everyone who does will be getting a Dojo.

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