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Cherry Class Blog 2019-2020

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 17/10/19, by Steve Richardson

    Great news this week - Cherry class were top of the leader board for attendance last week. This means we get to look after Hero Bear for the week - you can see the picture of Hero Bear keeping Cherry Bear company. We are doing really well in our attendance record - this is the second time this term we have won. Keep it up! Who knows, we may win the prize for best attenders this term. 

    Our sound of the week is 'n'. We have also been listening to see if we can hear and say the sounds at the beginning of words. Amelie told us that pan starts with a 'p' sound. Blossom told us that cat starts with a 'c' sound.

    Our number of the week is 5. We have also been counting out objects and seeing if we can match them to the correct number.

    Our Year 1s have been talking about and exploring some of the technology they use in their everyday lives at home and school.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 10/10/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week our sound of the week is the sound made by the letter 'p'. We have been finding words that start with the 'p' sound and having a go at writing 'p'. Our number of the week is the number 4. Alexia showed us how to make the number 4 with her fingers. "Four fingers." "I'm four," Matilda said.

    In our phonics we have been listening carefully to the initial sounds in words to see if we can hear and say them and group them together. In maths we have been counting objects and matching the total with the correct numbers.

    Our Year 1s have been scientists this week. They have planted seeds and will grow some in the light, some in the dark, and observe and record what happens.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 04/10/19, by Steve Richardson

    We had a fabulous start to our week when all our grown-ups came into school to share in our Harvest Worship. The children really enjoyed showing the grown-ups what they had been doing to celebrate Harvest. Some of the children from Cherry Class acted out the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'.

    We have been learning about rhymes and the children have really made progress in recognising and saying rhyming words. This week we have been learning about alliteration - words that start with the same sound. Can your child tell you some words that start with the same sound?

    Our Year Ones have been scientists this week; looking at and naming parts of a flower and planning an investigation into what plants need to grow well.

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  • Cherry class Blog

    Published 26/09/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we have been looking at lots of different vegetables and fruits and having a go at drawing and painting them.

    We have been talking about what we can do to be healthy.

    "Apples are healthy," said Amelie

    "You need to sleep." 

    "You have to brush your teeth." 

    "Do exercise," Matilda said.

    Our Year 1s have been learning about physical and human geography, exploring our school grounds to find out what is natural and what has been made by people.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 12/09/19, by Steve Richardson

    Neal Layton, the illustrator of Stanley's Stick, came in this week to talk to the children about what he does. He showed us how he draws Stanley and read the story of Stanley's Stick. He was highly entertaining, adding lots of effects to go with the story and the children really enjoyed listening to him. 

    The Year Ones have been designing and making their own stick like Stanley. "I made a fishing rod," said Mason and Toby told us, "I made a wand with some sparkles."

    We are focusing on reading as a priority this year. Your child has been given a reading book and can choose another from our classroom reading box. They also have a reading record which we encourage you to write comments in when you hear your child read to you. Every time they read and it is recorded in the reading record we let them stamp their chart. We catch up with the stamps when we hear them read in the class. Each time they complete a full chart we will award a Reading Certificate.


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 06/09/19, by Steve Richardson

    We've had a great start to the school year this week. The children are amazing and are already settled into their learning, busily exploring Early Years.

    This week we have been talking about what we enjoy doing. " I like playing at school." "I like playing with my friends." "I like playing with my transformers at home."

    We have also been warming up our listening ears to listen carefully to all the different sounds around us.  

    In maths we have been counting up to 10 and singing lots of number songs. The favourite seems to be 5 Little Speckled Frogs!

    As you can see from the picture the children have enjoyed drawing on the Interactive Whiteboard.

    We have been reading Stanley's Stick, getting ready for our visit next week by the illustrator of Stanley's Stick - Neal Layton.

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