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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Fantastic Finish

Thank you to all those of you who were able to come along and see Y1's Fantastic finish today. The children really enjoyed performing their Gruffalo dances for you. 

The children have been really inspired by all the Julia Donaldson texts we have used this term and our latest story: "Stickman", has been no exception. We have been impressed by the writing and language that has come through particularly in recent weeks.

We have been using Stickman as a focus in our guided reading sessions this last week as well and practising our Super Skills of 'Visualising' and 'Making Connections'. We have used the story to consolidate the children's understanding of the seasons which they explored in Science earlier this term. 

In Science at the moment we are in the midst of an investigation to see what happens when you put food colouring in the flower's water. So far nothing has happened which has surprised us but we will keep up our observations and our thinking about what is going on.

In Mathematics we have been practising using positional language and describing where things are and following instructions that include positional and directional language. Remembering which side is right and which is left is tricky for some. If they practise writing their name in the air which hand do they use? Are they left handed or right handed? Once you've worked out left and right can your child show you a half or quarter turn in that direction? We have also consolidated work on shape with some reasoning and problem solving activities. This week we are moving on to money so watch out for children raiding purses and piggy banks to see which coins (or notes) are in there. Can they name them all correctly?

Some children will have come home today with lines to practise for our Class Nativity. All children have a role to play but some have chosen not to speak and some are already confident saying what they have to say so don't need to practise. If you are practising with your child try standing them at the other end of the hall or garden (if not too wet!) and see if they can be heard. Model how you would say it. If there are any worries please do come and see one of us and we can change things where possible if needs be.

Our Nativity is on Thursday 13th December at 2:15 and we do look forward to seeing you all again for that.