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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Amazing Animals

Oak Class loved meeting lots of different animals on Monday when Heather from Zoo Lab came to visit and introduced them to her pets! The children have been keen to tell me about their experiences and produced some informative writing about their experiences. The children had the opportunity to touch the animals and apparently the snake felt like "plastic" rather than slimey as some had expected. The giant African land snail was, however, very slimey and could, "Grow as big as a football!" A lot of the children thought the guinea-pig, Perry, was very, "Cute and fluffy" and also the spider, a tarantula who stayed in its box, was fluffy and could flick up its hair. There was also a cockroach who, "Tickled you" when you held it.  The children learnt whether these animals were minibeasts or had a backbone instead. They were also introduced to the terms; herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore and had to decide which of these each animals was which, once Heather had told them what they ate. It has been a brilliant introduction to our science topic of ‘Animals’ and will really help the children as they learn to sort and classify animals for themselves. 




The children have helped to set up a vets in our classroom so they can practise looking after animals and luckily they seem to be quite aware of what animals need to be healthy. They have been giving me lots of good advice about getting a pet this week!

In Mathematics we have been reinforcing the children's understanding of number by revisiting place value, breaking numbers into tens and ones and representing 2 digit numbers in different ways.

Next week we start on time so do draw the children’s attention to clocks and watches that you use - both analogue and digital and try and reinforce the significant times you do things at home, such as getting up, teatime and bedtimes. We will also be thinking about the passage of time so perhaps time how long it takes to eat breakfast, walk to school, watch a TV programme etc... to give the children a sense of how long things take and get them used to the vocabulary that we use relating to time.

Year 1 are currently looking for parents who would be free and willing to come in to help us listen to readers. If you are able to help us, please speak to any member of the Year 1 team. Thank you very much!