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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Finding out, and thinking about, Wildlife and Feelings

The children of Oak Class had an exciting time on Wednesday when our RSPB visitors took us outside to find out more about the wildlife we have on our doorstep at Nyewood CE Infant School

They helped spot all sorts of wildlife and found out more about the kinds of habitats that they live in. They were also good at looking for signs of winter and even a few signs that spring is on its way. Hopefully we will be able to upload the photos soon and you can share some of the things that they discovered. 

In English we have been learning all about 'kennings'; a special kind of poem, and finding out more about how they are put together. Here is an example of one to describe any child in Oak class:   

Creative maker

Active learner

Friend carer

Wildlife lover

Fun seeker

Idea thinker 

We are going to put together all our knowledge about native wildlife and see if we can create some kennings of our own next week. Maybe you could make up one with your child or for your child to guess what it is (a bit like a riddle).

In Mathematics we have been using our skills of adding and subtracting to help solve problems and remembering how to record number sentences. We have also been remembering all the different strategies we can use to help us solve addition and subtraction problems; using cubes or other counting apparatus, dominoes, dice, Numicon, fingers, counting on and back in our heads (maybe using fingers to help), number lines, facts that we have remembered such as number bonds to 10. We have found out that there can be lots of different ways of solving a problem and sharing our ideas. Explaining what we have done and why is an important part of our Mathematics, we call it 'Reasoning'. As the year goes on the children are becoming more confident with their Reasoning skills.

Next week we move on to comparing and measuring length and height. 

In our PSED lessons this half term we have been recognising different emotions. So far we have discussed Happy, Sad, Angry and this week Worried. As well as thinking about what makes us feel this way and how these emotions can make us feel physically we have also talked about and in some cases demonstrated what to do when you are feeling that way. The key message has been not to keep these emotions bottled up but to talk to others and share how you are feeling. In Year 1 we have a cuddly toy with a zippy pocket mouth called 'Wilma' and the children know they can write small worries on a paper and give them to Wilma to help with, but big worries need to be shared with grown ups we know who might be able to help.

We love to share good news, (that has tied in nicely with this half term's Gospel topic in RE and Worship). We have tried yoga poses, deep breaths and mindful colouring as ways of helping us feel calm. We have also found music that make us feel happy and calm. The children know if they are sad they can always give Oakley a cuddle in school. You could discuss these feelings with your child and talk about things you can do to help at home.

Oh and we had many excited emotions buzzing around Oak Class on Monday when Miss Wells announced the winners of the school Snowman competition held the Friday before. Oak Class won because they demonstrated such good team work with everyone helping each other to create our family of snow people. Well done Oak Class! Miss Wells rewarded them with an extra half hour of playtime where they could choose their activities and they loved it. A well deserved prize.