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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

A Class of Experts

It was great to have so many of you joining in with our Expressive Arts and Design activities on Wednesday afternoon. Oak Class love any excuse to be creative and really enjoyed the range of activities that were on offer. They are looking forward to seeing you again next Tuesday for our Fantastic Finish when they will have the opportunity to show off some of the work they are particularly proud of from this term.

They have found out so much about animals that live in our country and from other countries this term in Year 1. They were using that knowledge to create their own riddles and factual power-points this week giving them lots of opportunities to make use of technology, both computers and our new i-pads.

In Mathematics they became experts at halving both shapes and then quantities of things. They are good at sharing things equally and checking that it's fair. See if they can help you sharing things out at home! Next week we will move on to quarters. 

In our PSED we had a circle time in which the children all told Oakley something they were really good at and it was great to hear of so many special skills including drawing, being careful, playing with friends, helping younger brothers and sisters, playing football, being a good listener and going to sleep! A couple of children told us they were good at running and jogging which is something we were practising in our agility lesson for PE this week. We also had a special coach in for our Gymnastics lesson who encouraged the children to use the benches in different ways. 

The children will have all brought new spellings home to practise on Thursday. We will check these next Thursday and give them new spellings to learn. Please give them opportunities to practise spelling and writing them down at home. Thank you.