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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Asking questions to find out more

If you check your child's bookbag tonight you will find a questionnaire that they have made for you to complete. They have thought of questions to find out more about the toys you had when you were young. Please could you have a look at these and tell your child the answers. If you write them down your child can bring them back to school to share with the rest of us.

The children were also all given their new spellings for this week, please take the time to go through these and encourage your child to practise saying the letters out loud, looking for patterns and writing the words down in as many different ways as they can.

This week  the children have been working with money in Maths, recognising and using different coins and notes. In school we work with plastic money but if you are able to give your child the opportunity to handle and pay for things using real coins and possibly notes it would really help.

We were finding out more about what things are made of in our Science this week. The children went on a Materials hunt around the school and found which things were made of fabric, wood, plastic, metal, glass, stone and other materials. Maybe you could go on a materials hunt around your home and garden and see which material you have got the most of.

We have also been developing our computing skills by thinking about "algorithms" which are when you give instructions to make something happen. We have practised giving and following instructions with our partners. We also had to think about what to do if the instructions weren't quite right and then "debug" them if we needed to.