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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Chestnut Class Blog 2018-19

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  • Let the Magic Begin

    Published 26/04/19, by Jo Macrae
    This week we have started reading Leon and the Place Between as a start to our magical topic. Ask us what happens when he goes in the Magician's box. The book has loads of descriptive language that we are noting down in our ideas book, to help ma
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  • What a week!

    Published 29/03/19, by Jo Macrae

    This week has been really exciting.

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  • Tangmere

    Published 15/03/19, by Jo Macrae

    This week has been an exciting one.

    We had an amazing time at Tangmere. We learnt lots about World War 2 planes and the people who flew in them. We learnt about how life was different in those days; sitting in an old aid raid shelter listening to the sounds of war around us. We learnt about how one man flew a plane with no legs and saw the uniform of another who had to leap from his plane after it had caught fire. The men at the museum told us about a plane that took spies to and from Europe during the war and they only had 3 minutes to catch the plane. They gave us a challenge to see if we could get ready for bed in 3 minutes and be lying down in bed before the time was up. The children were all fantastically well behaved and hopefully learnt a lot from the day. We would recommend visiting as a family.

    More photos from the trip will be added to the class page on the website next week.

    Then on Friday was Red Nose day. We all came in something red and had a fun time telling jokes to the class.

    In Mathematics we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. We found this hard, especially having to remember if it was past or to the hour. If you have clocks with hands you could help us practise reading the time at home.

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  • Romeo's Tea with the Queen

    Published 01/03/19, by Jo Macrae

    We have started a new part of our topic, by learning about a fox called Romeo. He goes round some to the landmarks in London looking for the Queen. Ask your child how the story ends.

    We have had our final week on fractions and are now confident spotting shapes cut into parts and finding fractions of numbers. We also realised how we can use our times tables to help us.

    Now we have finished our football we are doing gymnastics indoors, so we are bringing home the kit we don't need anymore.

    In RE this week we have been thinking about what we are thankful for. We have comes up with a lot of good ideas, especially family, friends, our homes and food.

    Thank you for the take-away tasks that have come in. There are some amazing pictures coming in.

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  • Bucket Fillers

    Published 09/02/19, by Jo Macrae

    This week in Mathematics we were looking at fractions. We learnt about halves, quarters, three quarters and thirds. We know that the bottom number tells us how many pieces the picture or amount are split into and the top number tells us how many pieces we want. 

    In English we were writing up our leaflets on the country we chose last week.

    You might have heard us talking about being bucket fillers or dippers. In class we read a book explaining that everyone has an invisible bucket where we hold our good thoughts and feelings. When we do or say something nice, or someone says something nice to us, it fills our bucket. When we are unkind or someone does something unkind to us it dips out of our bucket. This week we tried to be bucket fillers and not dippers.


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  • Snow!

    Published 03/02/19, by Jo Macrae

    What a fantastic way to finish a week, with snowman building. We spent a happy hour building a family of snowmen on the school field. We enjoyed working together outside and did not seem to notice how cold it was. We came inside slightly damp but happy.

    Due to the snow we had to have our football lesson indoors this week. We got to play crab football, so we had to move around on our bottoms. We are getting much better at thinking about defending the goals as well as attacking.

    In English we have started finding out about different countries so we can write leaflets on them. It would be great if the children can find out extra facts about their country at home. We also practised using commas when writing lists in our work.

    In Mathematics we were learning about reading graphs. We are getting very good at answering questions on them, but finding the difference between two groups was the hardest part.

    We have been enjoying practising our mental maths using a game called 'Daily 10'. You can play it at home. It is on the Top Marks website, which has lots of educational games that are free to play. The link below should take you to the site.

    Daily 10 

    In Science, we started our science experiment seeing what a plant needs to grow. We planted bulbs in different conditions. Some of us chose glitter instead of soil, some chose cotton wool, some chose stones, some chose leaves and some chose wet sand. We will find out how things grow in the next few weeks.





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  • Football

    Published 18/01/19, by Jo Macrae
    This week  we had another fun but cold football session with "Mr Paul". We did lots of running around to keep warm. We are getting better at finding spaces and not just having everyone chasing the ball. This week's players of
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  • Paris

    Published 11/01/19, by Jo Macrae
    On Monday we went on a plane to Paris. We went in the departure lounge and put our bags and passports under our chairs. We had numbers on our flight tickets so we knew where to sit. We had a snack on the plane and landed in Paris. In Paris we tasted
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  • Nativity

    Published 14/12/18, by Jo Macrae
    On Wednesday we did our class nativity. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us. We loved doing our play, our favourite song was "Something happened to the light". In English we were looking at instructions and how they have to be pre
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  • Two weeks of Blog

    Published 07/12/18, by Jo Macrae
    Sorry, due to  our Fantastic Finish last week we ran out of time to do our Blog. Thanks to everyone who came to see our Tin Man and looked at all our work from this term. We were very proud of our writing and how much we have done this t
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  • Poetry

    Published 23/11/18, by Jo Macrae
    This week we have been looking at poems. We looked at what was different about a poem to a story and then chose our favourite one to learn as a group. Later in the week we then performed it to the class. In English we wrote up our version of The T
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  • Children in Need

    Published 16/11/18, by Jo Macrae
    What a busy and exciting week it has been! Yesterday we had an Expressive Arts and Design afternoon. We went into different places and joined with children from other classes to do lots of exciting activities, some of us did knitting, sewing, pain
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