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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Apple Class Blog 2018-19

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  • Church and Worship

    Published 17/05/19, by Charlotte Rice
    During this week we have learnt about our rights and responsibilities as children. We did this through playing a game! In Worship time we looked at the world around us to see what we needed to thank God for. We have collected some nature to pu
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  • What a great fun week!

    Published 03/05/19, by Charlotte Rice
    On Monday we had our terrific take off. As a class we changed our role play and then went in the hall to watch a magic show! This was great fun and the magician kept us laughing all afternoon! “It was amazing when the water didn’t fall
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  • This week has flown by in Apple Class!

    Published 26/04/19, by Charlotte Rice
    In Mathematics we have enjoyed hunting for arithmetic questions around the room to recap our previous learning. We have made sure we understand which method to use for each operation. Our Writing lessons led us to work out our new topic for the te
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  • A visit from the Queen AND Britain's tallest man!

    Published 29/03/19, by Charlotte Rice
    We have decided this week that our blog should just be about Wednesday and Thursday this week; 2 VERY exciting days! On Wednesday we had Paul Sturgess visit us. He is the tallest man in Britain and the world's tallest basketball player! He tau
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  • Tangmere!

    Published 22/03/19, by Charlotte Rice
    There have been lots of exciting events happening this week. On Wednesday we had another Expressive Arts and Design afternoon. This was great fun as always! “I did tie dye. I made lots of fun colours and I hadn’t done it before.&rdq
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  • The jar is full!

    Published 15/03/19, by Charlotte Rice
    In Reading this week we developed our reading and questioning skills by reading to each other and asking each other questions about the books we read, just like Miss Rice was, when we read to her. “What do you think will happen next?”
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  • Adjectives, adjectives and more adjectives!

    Published 08/03/19, by Charlotte Rice
    What a fun week we have had at school! Telling the time is what we have focused on in Mathematics this week. We have all understood this really well and can now tell the time to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to! We went outsid
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  • Romeo's Tea with the Queen

    Published 01/03/19, by Charlotte Rice
    We discovered our new focus text this week; ‘Romeo’s Tea with the Queen’. This week we have been making sure we know it really well. We used our brand new iPads to record each other reading it, we acted it out, drew the story in ord
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  • A calm end to the half term

    Published 15/02/19, by Charlotte Rice
    This week we finished our very own non-fiction books about a place of our choice. Today we spent the time sharing our books to teach our friends new facts about the location we chose!  Miss Rice has been extremely impressed this week by a pie
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  • Gymnasts on the bars!

    Published 08/02/19, by Charlotte Rice
    What a week we have had this week. Our Mathematics learning has focused on fractions! We have been great working out fractions of shapes and objects.  In Writing we have been planning our own non-fiction texts about a place of our choice.
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  • Persuasive Performances!

    Published 25/01/19, by Charlotte Rice
    In Writing we continued to learn about the past and present tense. “The past tense is something that has already happened.” “The present tense is something that you are doing right now.” We also performed our persuasi
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  • Half way through January already!

    Published 18/01/19, by Charlotte Rice
    In Science this week we have learnt about how plants grow. We used the library and non-fiction books to help us research. We are lucky enough this term to be working with Mrs Knight on a Thursday morning. She has been teaching us gymnastics skills
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