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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Willow Class Blog 2017-18

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  • Children's Learning

    Published 13/07/18, by Clare Burgess
    This week we have been encouraging the children to choose their own learning. With the World Cup happening, the children have been keen to find out about flags and other countries. Amelie found a book about Japan and made a flag of Japan. Then we fou
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  • Best day ever!

    Published 06/07/18, by Clare Burgess
    The children absolutely loved the beach trip yesterday. They had the opportunity to paddle in the water, make collages of sea creatures using stones, shells and seaweed, and time to make sandcastles. We sat in the shade for our lunch and then ran aro
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  • Butterflies

    Published 29/06/18, by Clare Burgess
    Today was the day to say goodbye to the butterflies. We set them free and then spoke about them in the classroom. "The butterflies are flying away" said Amelia. "One of the butterflies went into its home." said Thomas. "We
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  • Independent writing

    Published 22/06/18, by Clare Burgess
    This week lots of the children have wanted to write. They have told me what they want to write about and what interests them. "I love Hulk." said Joe. "I want to write about Batman." said Luca. The boys used their sounds they have
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  • Daddy's Day

    Published 15/06/18, by Clare Burgess
    On Thursday this week we had a very exciting day! Our Daddies came into school. They spent the morning or the afternoon with their child and saw what a day at school was like for their child. The children absolutely loved the day and h
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  • Our new visitors!

    Published 08/06/18, by Clare Burgess
    This week we were really excited to have some visitors. We have got caterpillars!  The children are really keen to see what they are doing and chat about how they move. They do seem to sleep a lot! Some children have chosen to write about t
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  • Baptism

    Published 25/05/18, by Clare Burgess
    Mrs Greenway kindly brought in her son's Baptism photos to show the class. We talked about the special candle Father Andrew gave her son and why it's important. Some of the children chose to draw the special celebration in their self-ini
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  • Weighing

    Published 18/05/18, by Clare Burgess


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  • Working in unusual places!

    Published 11/05/18, by Clare Burgess
    This week the children have decided to write and draw in their choosing time in unusual places! Our cress seeds have been growing in the tuff tray, so the children were having good discussions about what is happening to them and they decided to use t
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  • Magic beans

    Published 04/05/18, by Clare Burgess
    The children have loved being creative this week. They have decided what their magic beans will turn into. The children had fun decorating them, cutting them out and showing each other what they have made. The children have amazing imaginations
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  • Beebots!

    Published 01/05/18, by Clare Burgess

    Forwards, backwards

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  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Published 20/04/18, by Clare Burgess

    Fe Fi Fo Fum!

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