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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Willow Class Blog 2021-22

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  • Advent

    Published 03/12/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we started getting ready for Christmas. We have been learning the Christmas story and been retelling it in our play. We now have a stable in or classroom where we can tell each other the story, and well as small world characters we can use to act it out.

    On Wednesday we had our Advent celebrations, where we started making decorations and our class Advent calendar. We then continued making decoration the rest of the week.

    In maths we have been learning to write simple addition calculations, using our fingers or counters to work out the answers. 

    We are busy learning the songs for our Nativity, you will be amazed at how good we are at singing!

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  • Aliens love Underpants!

    Published 19/11/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we had some alien friends come to visit us. We read the book Aliens love Underpants and found out what they have been up to. If you want to read it at home, there are versions on YouTube to watch.

    We have been strengthening our fingers by pegging up pants, and sometimes we find aliens in them!

    We have been doing lots of work with our numbers, practising writing and ordering them. We have also been making totals by combining two numbers.

    We have started to think about what we know about Christmas and why we celebrate it, next we will be learning the Christmas story.

    We finished the week raising money for Children in Need, we coloured and cut out pictures and talked about what the money is used for.

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  • Poppies

    Published 12/11/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we had the excitement of our parents visiting us in class and seeing what we do. We hope you enjoyed it, we loved sharing our learning with you.

    We carried on learning the story of Whatever next and our actions that went with it. We also made firework pictures and talked about the fireworks we had seen.

    On Thursday we sat quietly at 11am and watched a short video about a rabbit experiencing war. It was very moving and we realised how scary it must have been. We also found out why we use poppies to remember the people who fought in the wars.

    We have been practising showing different numbers with our fingers and realising there are different ways to make the amounts.

    We are working really hard to hold our pencils correctly and write our names, maybe we could show you at home.



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  • Whatever Next!

    Published 05/11/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been learning about the story of Whatever Next. We have learnt actions to go with the story which we are looking forward to showing you next week. We have been making rockets from junk modelling and playdough. We have also been using our phonics sounds to write new words.

    In maths we have been making Numicon sandwiches. We have been finding that you can add 2 number shapes together to make a new number total.

    We have been practising writing our names and starting to form our letters correctly. Ask us to show you how much we are improving.


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  • Owl Babies

    Published 14/10/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been doing our learning through the book Owl Babies. We have listened to the story and have been acting i out with the owl puppies in the classroom.

    We have been learning about the parts of an owl and why they have big eyes and sharp claws. We also found out that most owls don't go Twit twoo. The Tawny owl, the female goes Twit and the male goes Twoo! All the others make screeching sounds.

    We have been making pictures of owls by printing with pegs and pompoms.

    We have also looked carefully at feathers looking at how they are made and the colour in them.

    We have also been learning the Bible story of how God created the world, and that it is the first story in the Bible.

    In Maths we have been practising counting carefully, making sure we don't miss any out or count one twice.

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  • International Week

    Published 08/10/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been thinking about other places we have visited or our families have visited. We talked about these places with our class. We also looked at pictures of children from around the world looking at how they might dress differently but also things they do or like that are the same as us. We looked at how everyone is unique, even twins look slightly different. We learnt how to say hello in lots of different languages and would answer the register using different words.

    We especially thought about Poland. We learnt how to say hello in Polish and what the Polish flag looks like.

    We finished the week with trying some Polish snacks, we really like the crisps!

    We hope you enjoyed watching our Harvest Worship at the start of the week, we enjoyed watching ourselves in school.

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  • Autumn

    Published 30/09/21, by Jo Macrae

    We have continued our learning about harvest by looking at different fruit and vegetables. We used tissue paper to make pictures of them, by choosing the correct colours.

    We have also noticed how the leaves are starting to fall and tried doing leaf rubbings in chalk.

    We are getting very good at singing our counting rhymes and Mr Owl likes watching to see who is joining in.

    Outside we have been building and exploring obstacle courses and remembering how to keep ourselves and others safe by taking turns fairly.

    Please remember it is our International Week next week, so the children can bring in pictures or objects from other countries. If they know how to say hello in a different language it would be great to hear it.

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  • Harvest

    Published 24/09/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have started thinking about harvest. We have thought about where our food comes from and why we celebrate harvest. We thought about people who might not have enough to eat.

    In class we enjoyed having a pretend shop, writing lists of what we want to buy and buying it from the shop keeper.

    We also looked at different fruit and vegetables, drawing them and printing with them. Outside we loved looking for snails in the digging area and set up a snail house. We also found worms and other mini beasts and loved exploring the mud!

    We have been practising our cutting skills and remembering how to carry scissors carefully.

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  • First Full Week

    Published 17/09/21, by Jo Macrae

    We have now finished our first full week and our adults are very impressed with how we have settled in. We are getting to know each other's names and making new friends.

    We now know where our space is on the carpet and some of us can find our drawer with our book bag in it without help. 

    We have been using our listening ears to hear sounds around us and play games where we match the sound of the animal to their picture.

    As it has been warmer we have been practising taking off our jumpers and putting them safely in our classroom. Please can you make sure that jumpers are named to make it easier for us to find our own again.


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  • Welcome to Willow Class

    Published 10/09/21, by Jo Macrae

    We have had a fantastic first week getting to know all our new friends and adults. We have got lots of faces and names to learn. We have been exploring our own classroom as well as Holly and Cherry and the outside area.

    We have learnt that when we hear the tambourine, we stop, look at the adult, wiggle our fingers and listen to the instruction. We know where our carpet space is and that we always sit there when it is carpet time.

    We have been lining up in the hall to collect our lunch, then sitting with our class friends to eat.

    Thank you to all the parents who have put names in our jumpers it makes things so much easier.

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