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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Thursday 21st May

Daily exercise idea:

If you can’t get out for your daily exercise today, here is a link to something you could try at home:

Please visit the link below for free home learning resources to challenge & develop physical, cognitive, social & emotional learning. It includes PE home learning, active breaks & 60 second challenges. ee-home-learning-resources-0


Today we are going to introduce another digraph. Remember - a digraph is two letters that make one sound.

Today’s sound is ‘oa’.

To help you learn how to say the sound correctly please take a look at the clip below from 2:07 minutes in:

We are going to learn the ‘oa’ song and show you the action. Please get your grown-up to play this video link from 6:12 minutes into the clip for today’s sound song: 

Can you think of any words that have today’s sound in them? Go on a treasure hunt around your house to find objects containing the ‘oa’ sound. Say each word aloud.

Play the Buried Treasure phonics game:

Once your grown up has logged onto the site and clicked into the game, ask them to choose Phase 3 and the select the ‘oa’ icon. Can you sound out and read the words? Can you sort them into real and fake words. Remember our name for a fake word is an alien word.


We’re going to play Disco Phonics (Grown-ups, this a variation of musical bumps)! Ask your grown-up to play your favourite pop-song/music. Let’s see you busting some moves on the dance floor! When the music stops, your grown up will hold up one of your pieces of ‘oa’ treasure and call out its name. Have a go at writing this word, recording all the sounds that you can hear. Make sure the ‘oa’ sound is spelt correctly! Repeat this for the duration of the song. Afterwards, can you read your words back to your grown up? How many words did you spell correctly? Keep this writing safe as you’ll need it for tomorrow!


We are going to make caterpillars – you could use plasticine or modelling clay to make them. If you don’t have any of these you could make some thin strips of paper of different lengths and draw some caterpillars on the paper. Can you put them in size order. Which is the shortest, which is the longest?