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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

EYFS Home Learning

Thursday 18th June


Can you think of some people who exercise everyday? Why not try this workout:



Today we are going to learn the qu sound.  Qu is a digraph, this link might help your grown ups if they want to find out a bit more about digraphs.

Watch this introduction to the qu sound.                       

Have a go at writing qu.

q - round the curly caterpillar like a c and into a q.

u - down the ladder, up the ladder, down the ladder and flick.

Have a go a reading these words: quack, quit, quilt, quick, queen.



Can you remember how to spell some of the common exception words you practised yesterday?

the, to, no, go, said, you, and.

Have a go at writing these… could you use a chalk? A paintbrush and water? Big bits of paper and disco phonics? It’s completely up to you.


Mathematics:                                                                                                                       Close your eyes… stand up when you think a minute has passed. Did you stand up too soon?  Or too late? Or on time? Did you think a minute was longer or shorter than it actually is? Or did you get it exactly right? How many times can you write your name in 1 minute? Have a competition with your grown up, brother or sister. Who can write their name the most times in 1 minute? Why do you think someone can write their name more times than others?



We are going to finish with our mindfulness session today. Ask you grown up to talk you through it.

  • Please get into your mindful bodies – still and quiet, sitting upright, eyes closed.
  • Now place all your attention on the sound you are about to hear. You could use an object that makes a sound with it gradually fading away e.g. a bell or wooden spoon on a metal pan. Listen until the sound is completely gone.
  • Open your eyes when you can no longer hear the sound.
  • Repeat a few times and when you have finished, slowly, mindfully, move your hand to your stomach or chest, and just feel your breathing.
  • Grown-ups you can encouraged you child/children to stay focused during the breathing with reminders like, “Just breathing in … just breathing out …”