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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Willow Class Blog 2020-21

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  • Environment Week

    Published 11/06/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been thinking about the world and how we can take care of it. We made pledges using mud handprints as to what we were going to do to help the world. We thought about recycling, saving water by turning off taps, turning off lights and electrical equipment to save electricity, and making sure we always put our rubbish in the bin.

    When we went to the Woodland area, we were amazed to see caterpillars had built webs in some of the trees, it looked like Halloween! There were thousands of them!

    On Friday we came to school dressed as book characters. When we heard a bell, we had to stop drop and read wherever we were. We had lots of extra story times during the day as well.

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  • Attendance Trophy

    Published 28/05/21, by Jo Macrae

    We ended the half-term with an exciting assembly where Miss Wells told us that Willow class has won the attendance trophy for this term. This means we were the class who had the best attendance over the last half-term. We are very proud of this and want to try and get it again next term because we might get a class prize as well!

    We have learnt so much this term, we are writing and counting more, and with all the reading we are doing at home and at school we are improving here as well. 

    This week we have been thinking about why each other are special and giving each other friendship bracelets and letting them know why there are a good friend.


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  • Willow Class Worship

    Published 24/05/21, by Emily Walker

    We hope you enjoy our class worship. 

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  • Willow Class Worship

    Published 24/05/21, by Emily Walker

    We hope you enjoy our class worship. 

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  • Stick Insects

    Published 21/05/21, by Jo Macrae
    This week we have been continuing our learning about Noah's Ark and have recorded a worship for you to watch. We hope you enjoy it. We have been enjoyed making our classroom into a cafe and serving each other food. We have also been reading th
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  • Noah's Ark

    Published 13/05/21, by Jo Macrae

    We have been learning about the story of Noah in class. We have been making models of the animals he had on his ark and drawing and writing about it too. Please ask us to tell you the story at home.

    In maths we are making sure we can read, write and order our numbers to 5 and beyond. We have also been finding different ways of making these numbers by combining smaller numbers.

    We really enjoy being outside both in the woodland area and for PE. We are getting much better at working as in a team for PE, and enjoy the challenge of running to the end of the school field.

    We have been looking at storybooks and talking about the authors and illustrators, and looking at the blurb on the back which tells us a little bit about the story.

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  • Working Together

    Published 30/04/21, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been thinking about what we want to achieve this term. We talked about what we want to get batter at both in and out of school. We also thought as a class that we want to get better at working together and sharing fairly. We have played lots of turn taking games and talked about how to share.

    In PE we practised working as teams, playing games on the field. We did a lot of running and could really feel our hearts beating fast. We also ran to the end og the field and back and that tired some of us out.

    We have been doing lots of writing and are getting so much more confident with this. We are also making sure that our letters are round the right way and formed correctly.

    In maths we were finding different ways of making numbers to 5 using numicon. We enjoyed making Numicon sandwiches!



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  • St George

    Published 23/04/21, by Jo Macrae
    What a short, busy week! We came back with lots of stories about what we did over the Easter holidays. On Wednesday we had great fun playing games outside and looking at how the Woodland area has changed. We noticed all the new flowers and how
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  • Happy Easter

    Published 01/04/21, by Jo Macrae

    We have been thinking about Easter this week and why we celebrate it. We have all brought home cards which we took great care making.

    We have been exploring filling containers and using the language of full and empty.

    We have been thinking about keeping us healthy and found out how far a sneeze can travel.

    In the woodland area we saw how the tadpoles have hatched and how the new leaves are growing on the trees. 

    We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can all get outside.

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  • Bleep Blop is back

    Published 26/03/21, by Jo Macrae

    Our friendly alien has come back to see us and to learn all about numbers. We have been showing him how to read and write numbers to 20, and how we can solve addition calculations using our fingers or Numicon. We also introduced him to our pizza shop teaching him about our coins.

    We have been using our phonics to write letters to Bleep Blop, remembering to use finger spaces between words.

    We have been learning about the Easter story and the reason we celebrate Easter.

    In the Woodland area we had to make our own bug hotel, it was a beetle bucket. We had to dig a  hole and sink a bucket that had holes drilled in it. We then filled it with stones, twigs and leaves, hopefully the minibeaasts in the woodland will like it and use it soon.

    Word of the week - her

    Sound of the week -x

    Maths of the week - language of weight

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 12/03/21, by Jo Macrae
    It has been so good having everyone back and seeing all our friends again. We have settled back into school so well, even though some of us were a bit tired by the end of Friday. We have had a great time exploring different science challenges.
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  • Well Being Wednesday 3.3.21

    Published 02/03/21, by Emily Walker




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