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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Willow Class Blog 2020-21

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  • Superheroes

    Published 23/10/20, by Jo Macrae

    We started the week reading the book Handa's surprise and learning about the different fruits and animals in the story.

    As the week progressed we moved onto superheroes. We have a superhero den in the classroom where we can write and play. We have made superhero puppets and done superhero writing.

    We had great fun outside on an obstacle course on Friday practising our climbing, jumping and balancing skills. 

    Our word of the week is 'go' and we have been practising using it in our sentences. Our sound of the week is 'p'.

    We have been practising our counting especially using hre numbers 7 and 8.

    The adults are most impressed in how the class have progressed over their first half term in school.

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  • Bleep Blop

    Published 15/10/20, by Jo Macrae

    This week we had a surprise visitor from outer space. Bleep Blop is an alien who has come to visit Willow class. He has written letters to us and we have made him lots of pictures and work. We are sad that he has to go back and visit his family but he has promised he will return and see us again.

    In Maths we have been practising counting object to 10 and recognising the numbers. Our numbers if the week are 5 and 6.

    Our word of the week is 'and' , maybe you could help us to spot it in our books. We have also been learning the sound 'p', and thinking about words that start with p.


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  • Space

    Published 09/10/20, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been thinking about space. We have read a book about a boy who wanted to have a star for himself and how he got it. We then read a book about Aliens and how they love pants. We had great fun making pictures or aliens and pants. We also found small aliens hiding around our classroom.

    In maths we have continued practising our counting and recognising 3 and 4. Maybe we could find these numbers at home.

    We have been learning the sound "t" and the action that goes with it. We have also been learning to read the word "the".

    The teachers are very impressed with how many children can now put on their coats and do them up without any help. We have been practising turning our sleeves the right way out on both our coats and jumpers.

    We hope you enjoyed watching our harvest worship earlier this week.

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  • Willow Class Harvest Worship

    Published 02/10/20, by Anna Wells

    Come and join Willow Class for their Harvest Worship...

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  • Puddles

    Published 02/10/20, by Jo Macrae

    We have had a fun week, doing lots of messy learning.

    We have been using pipettes and syringes to squirt the mud off the tray outside. We have been printing with fruits and vegetables. We have enjoyed using the hole punches and sticking tape to make models.

    We are slowly getting better at putting on our coats but could do with more practise at home.

    Our word this week was A, and our sound was a. We practised counting, writing and recognising the numbers 1 and 2.

    We had great fun on Friday splashing in the puddles. Even though we wore wellies and waterproof trousers, we still got a bit damp.

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  • Shapes

    Published 25/09/20, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have been learning about shapes. We have been making pictures on the computer with them and hiding them round the classroom for Mrs Macrae to find!

    Our sound of the week is S and we have been finding things starting with this letter. We have also been learning to read the word I and have to put our hands up when we hear the word in the story.

    In phonics we are practising rhyming words, it would be great if you could do this at home as well.

    As it gets colder, could you make sure each child has a coat in school as we play outside in all weathers. We are learning how to turn our sleeves the right way out, before trying to put our coats on.

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  • Colour

    Published 17/09/20, by Jo Macrae

    This week we have started reading The Day The Crayons Quit. Each day we have been learning about what each colour has been used for and why each colour has quit.

    We have had great fun experimenting with the paint and have enjoyed painting our hands and doing handprints. 

    We have been practising counting objects and using our fingers to point as we count so we don't make mistakes.

    We have watched our first worships on the computer and were excited to see Miss Wells and Miss Adlam on the screen.

    We are getting more confident at playing with a greater range of children which is lovely to see.

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  • Welcome to Willow Class

    Published 11/09/20, by Jo Macrae
    We have come to the end of our first week in Willow class. We have learnt so much already! We now know how to stop, look and wiggle our fingers when we hear the tambourine, and listen for our next instruction. We have explored the equipment in the cl
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