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Cherry Class Blog 2018-19

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    Published 19/07/19, by Steve Richardson

    Here we are at the end of the school year already. It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly.

    Brody: "I loved playing with my friends." Felix: "I liked it on the beach trip." Harrison: "I liked playing in the castle with my friends." Toby: "I enjoyed when we goed outside for our worship." Izabel: " I enjoyed going on the post trip and we made letters." Skyla: "I enjoyed the beach, making a stingray with stones and rocks and seaweed." Isla: "I liked playing with all my friends." George: "I liked playing the spiderman game with my friends." Mason: "I enjoyed the bouncy castle and the summer fair." Oakley: "I loved going to the beach trip making a seahorse with my friends." Poppy: "I've enjoyed playing with the lego with my friends." Beatrice: " I enjoyed playing with the Duplo with my friends.". Cass: "I liked going to the beach when we had our packed lunch." Jonah: "I like going at the beach and making the fish." Luther: "I liked playing with the lego with my friends." Szymon: "The best thing was playing with the cars."

    Thanks for all your help and assistance through the year, especially volunteering to come with us on our trips. We couldn't do it without you!

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    Published 11/07/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we had a great day at the beach. Freddie told us what he did, "I enjoyed finding crabs at the beach. There was a baby one with a soft shell. It hid under the seaweed so the fish couldn't eat it."

    "I enjoyed having lunch at the beach, " said Kai.

    Skyla told us "I loved paddling in the water."  Filip said, "I liked making a stingray with sand, seaweed and rocks."

    George enjoyed, "taking my shoes and socks off at the beach."

    Cecily really enjoyed making "a starfish with rocks and seaweed."

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    Published 27/06/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week has been a whole week of art and craft activities  with a seaside theme. We have done  lots of different things; woodwork to make boats, hand printing and celery printing to make fish, clay modelling seashells, making crabs and jellyfish.

    "I enjoyed doing the jellyfish," Isla told us.

    Izabel said "I enjoyed making the boats with the wood and the hammer."

    "I enjoyed making my crab," said George.

    We have also been doing our usual choosing activities; Freddie has been writing some fantastic sentences, "I did all that writing sentences on the big board."  Filip told us "I've enjoyed doing the numbers."  Cass said "I've been making stuff outside. I made a chair with the blocks."


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    Published 20/06/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we invited our Early Years grown ups to join us for an Expressive Arts afternoon to get involved in a wide range of different arts and crafts activities. A very popular activity was making 'Bug Hotels'. These will be very helpful for our local bugs, as you can see from the picture. Feedback from the grown ups was really positive - thanks for coming in to support us to do these type of events.

    In class this week Izabel has been writing, "I wrote about healthy food."

    "Water is healthy," Jonah told us.

    "I've been doing tiny books and magazines for my babies," Skyla said.

    Oakley told us about his learning, "I like playing with my friend with the water. We were sliding the water in the black slide and filling the white box." 

    George told us about his lunchtime, "I've been playing tennis with my friends." 

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    Published 13/06/19, by Steve Richardson

    Everyone has had a super week. On Tuesday we were lucky to be able to share our learning time with some of our Dads and Grandads and on Wednesday we welcomed some of the new children who will be starting in September.

    During the rest of the week the children have been as busy as ever. Izabel told us " I liked writing," Felix told us "I liked tidying up." "I liked watering my flower." "Going in the hall with Miss Holmes was fun," Cecily told us. "I'm so excited about the school fair," Poppy shared with us. Kai enjoyed "playing with the bean bags outside."

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    Published 06/06/19, by Steve Richardson

    We've had a super busy week after the half-term. On Tuesday we explored how Eid - the end of Ramadan - is celebrated by Muslims. 

    On Wednesday we celebrated World Environment Day and talked about how we could look after our world and the plants and animals. We explored our wildlife garden and made pledges to say what we promise to do to look after our world.

    Cass told us he was going to water the flowers.

    Put the rubbish in the bin," said Skyla.

    "If they cut down trees then the animals will have to go away," thought Isla.

    "We can make bird food," said Jonah. 


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 17/05/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we went on a walk around the outside areas of our school and talked about our local environment. We were also able to use the field for our PE this week and the children really enjoyed the freedom of the larger space to practise throwing and catching and play racing and chasing games.

    In Literacy we have been thinking about rhyme and writing a string of rhyming words. In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and talking about their names. We also discussed where we might see some of these shapes in our everyday lives.

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    Published 09/05/19, by Steve Richardson

    Our book of the week is Jack and the Beanstalk. Skyla  has really enjoyed reading and acting out the story, "The giant came down and said Fi Fo Fum."

    Sara made herself a watch, "I coloured it and put decorations on." Kai made a junk model house, "I have a kitchen and its made out of yoghurt boxes and my living room has a table." 

    In maths we have been using a number line to count on and count back to find the answer to a number sentence.

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    Published 03/05/19, by Steve Richardson

    This week we have talked about what happens in Spring and how it's the time of new life and growing. We have sown some peas and cress seeds and the cress has started to grow; as you can see from the picture. "The seeds are tiny," George observed. "I can see white things," Poppy noticed and Freddie said "They are roots." When they started sprouting Jonah told us "The green bits are leaves."

    We have also been labelling pictures of flowers, writing about the roots, petals, flowers, leaves and stems.

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    Published 26/04/19, by Steve Richardson

    We had a great start to our new term celebrating St. George's Day. Lots of children dressed up as knights, princesses and dragons. We found out about the story of St. George and how he saved his people by defeating the dragon. We made shields and St. George flags, the flag of England.

    Freddie told us that St George is a knight, he has a sword and a shield. George remembered that St George killed the dragon and Luther reckons the dragon came from the lake "cos he’s a water dragon." Kai says "George killed the dragon cos he was making the king sad" and Isabel said that he killed the dragon because "he tried to steal the princess."


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 01/04/19, by Admin

    Happy New Year!

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    Published 25/03/19, by Steve Richardson

    We've had a really busy week in Cherry Class. On Monday we shared our Learning Journals with our grown-ups and gave them a little taste of our learning by re-telling some of the Easter story. We also sang our Bunny Cokey song.

    On Wednesday we had our inspirational visitor; Paul Sturgess, who is the tallest man in Britain! Cecily wrote about him, "He's big and strong." Freddie wrote "He's taller than Mr. Richardson." He taught the children basketball skills such as dribbling and passing. He reminded us all that we are all different and should be proud of who we are.

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