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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Wednesday 20th May

Daily exercise idea:

If you can’t get out for your daily exercise today, here is a link to something you could try at home:

It’s Workout Wednesday! You could design your very own workout. Think about what movements you could do, for example star jumps, stretches, running on the spot etc. Try to challenge yourself by seeing how much you can do in 1 minute! If you did the workout last week, are you able to do more in 1 minute this week?


This week we are thinking about the Super 6 skill of Visualising. Visualising is when you make mental images or pictures in your head from something you are reading. Visualising brings the text to life and uses your imagination.

You can either; listen to this story about a mini-beast or, if you have a brother or sister in KS1, you can listen to their book with them.

Can you answer today’s question/s…

What pictures did you see in your head? What did you visualise? Can you draw a picture of what you heard?


Today we are going to use our phonics to see if we can sound out and write the names of some mini-beasts.

First – think of a mini-beast – then try to sound it out  - what’s the first sound you can hear– the next sound etc until you get to the last sound. Can you write the sounds? At first, choose some easy ones with just a few sounds in them. Then try to challenge yourself with some longer words. Can you draw a picture of your mini-beast to go with your word?


This week we are thinking about comparing and ordering things by length, height and distance using these kinds of words: longest, shortest, tallest, smallest, biggest.

Can you play this game?

At the beach can you find the biggest and smallest? With the animals can you find the tallest and the shortest?

Who is the tallest in your family? Who is the shortest? Who can jump the furthest?