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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Cherry Class Blog 2021-22

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 19/05/22, by Steve Richardson

    We've been exploring the story of Noah and the Ark this week. We've been practising to perform the story during our Class Worship next Tuesday. We made an Ark with the blocks and acted out the story. We have also been painting pictures of the animals that went in the Ark to be safe from the flood and we made a rainbow to remind us of the promise God made not to flood the world again.

    In Maths we have been finding one less than a number and counting back one on a numberline to find out what is one less. Iyla was playing the Chopper Rescue game on the IWB where she had to listen carefully to the instructions 'What is one less than three?' She could use the numberline to tell me the answer was "Two."

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 12/05/22, by Steve Richardson

    "Shiver mi timbers!" Our theme this week has been Pirates and we've turned Cherry Bear into a pirate. We've been talking like pirates, making pirate hats and eye-patches, singing pirate songs and reading pirate stories.

    We also had a great woodland session on Wednesday and in Maths we've been working out what is one more and one less than a number. 

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 05/05/22, by Steve Richardson

    The children were really excited this week with their trip to the post box to post their letter home. We hope you enjoyed receiving your letters from the children. They were all very proud of what they had written.

    We used the trip as an opportunity for the children to look closely at our local environment and see what our local area has in it. This led to us making maps of the area around our school. 

    In maths we have been sharing a number of objects between two people to find out how many each will get. We also asked the question "Is it Fair?" When we tried to share odd numbers of objects between two people we found that, "It isn't fair," as Harry pointed out; "I only have four and he has five."

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 28/04/22, by Steve Richardson

    It's the Summer term! We are looking forward to all the fantastic learning and exciting events that will be happening this term - a trip to the post box to post our letters, our trip to the beach, our sports day ...... 

    This week we have been writing our letters to send home and we will be going to the post box to post them next week.

    We have also started our new phonics scheme - Little Wandle. We will be sending out new reading books based on this scheme on Friday. Your child will keep this book for a week.
    The sounds in these books will be ones your child is confident with and means they should be able to read them with 95% fluency.The children will also choose a book from our book box to take home to share with their grown ups.

    The children have enjoyed using the Beebots and exploring how to make them move - hopefully to where they want them to go - starting their careers as computer progammers.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 07/04/22, by Steve Richardson

    It's the end of the term already! We've had a really busy learning term and the children have made amazing progress.

    This week we have been practising letter formation. We started off by doing some exercises to strengthen the muscles we use for writing and practised holding our pencils using the "tripod grip". We then had a go at writing beginning with our "Curly Caterpillar" letters: c, a, g, d, e, f and s.

    We continued reading and talking about the Easter Story. We did some 'hot seating' where Miss Chandler pretended to be Jesus and the children asked questions: "Why was Jesus put in the cave?" asked Charlie.  "Why did you go back to God?" Connie wanted to know.

    In Maths we continued exploring number bonds using Unifix and Numicon; "Four and one make five," said Owen.

    Have a great Easter and don't forget we start back on Tuesday 26 April next term. PE will still be on Monday each week so can the children please come in their PE kits on Mondays.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 31/03/22, by Steve Richardson

    We've been really busy this week in Cherry Class. We started the week by opening the Cherry Class Vets. The children enjoyed role-playing taking their 'pets' to the vet to be looked after by our Cherry class Vets. We then decided to make a bus to go on journeys around the world. "I'm going on holiday," said Olivia and she showed me the bus ticket she had made. Christopher made sure everyone was sitting down before he set off driving the bus. "I want to go to the beach," Patrick told the bus driver.

    We've also been exploring how we can make 5 in different ways. "Four and one make five," Kray told us, showing us his fingers. Charlie worked out how to make five starting by using a three Numicon "You need a two", he said. "Three and two make five." 

    We've been reading the Easter story and using our creative skills to make a cross to remember Jesus. "Jesus, died about the cross," said Charlie and Lucy says, "Jesus is an angel."


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  • Who is YOUR Hero?

    Published 18/03/22, by Zoe Chandler


    Firstly, hank you to all the lovely female role models that joined us in Cherry class this week. We hope you enjoyed spending the afternoon with us, the children certainly loved sharing their learning with you.

    What an incredible end to a very busy week. To raise money for Comic Relief, we came dressed as our heroes. It was lovely to see a mixture of superheroes and real life heroes who help us in our day to day lives. See the attachments below for some snapshots of the groups of heroes we had in Cherry class.

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  • Writing in Cherry Class

    Published 14/03/22, by Steve Richardson


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 10/03/22, by Steve Richardson

    We've had another great learning week in Cherry. In Maths we've been doubling numbers and looked at a doubling machine. Bethany knew how many strawberries we would have if we put four strawberries in the doubling machine, "Eight," she said. During our choosing time Sophie told me, "Four plus four equals eight," reading a number sentence. She found two Numicon fours to match her number sentence. "I wonder what double six is?" Maya asked. she decided to use Numicon to help her find out. After exploring the Numicon and counting the two Numicon sixes she had she found her answer; "It's twelve."

    We've been using our phonics to read and write simple words. "B - u -s, bus", said Esme reading the word and matching it to its picture. she also decided to write it as well.

    We also read the parable of the Wise and Foolish men and talked about how we can make good choices.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 04/03/22, by Steve Richardson

    It's been great to see everyone back and excited about the new learning we have been doing after the half-term break.

    The highlight of the week was World Book Day. The children were amazing! Thanks to all the support from the grown-ups for dressing the children up so spectacularly. We read lots of books, visited our school library, and wrote our own books during the day.

    We have been reading 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' this week and acting out the story in our choosing time. "Trip, trap, trip trap," said Martiens, "Can I come on the bridge?". "I'm going to eat you up," said Maya. "Don't eat me mybig brother is much tastier," Martiens replied.

    In Maths the children have been fantastic counting past 20 - right up to a hundred!

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 17/02/22, by Steve Richardson

    We've reached the end of another half-term already! The children have really been making progress this term and we have been talking about what we want to get better at. Esme wants to get better at skipping; "Mummy and my sisters will help me." Olivia want s to get better at swimming, "My swimming teacher will help me." Lucy wants to get better a reading, "My daddy will help me." As you can see from the photo we hung our aspirations on a little tree.

    In class we've been practising reading and having a go at writing some of our our Owl words - words that you can't sound out: 'I', 'the', 'to', 'no', 'go', and 'into'. Sophie wrote a sentence: "I go to the shop."

    Enjoy the half-term holiday!

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  • Cherry Class Safer Internet Day

    Published 08/02/22, by Steve Richardson

    Cherry Class Safer Internet Day



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