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Cherry Class Blog 2020-21

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 17/06/21, by Steve Richardson

    We have had a really busy week! As you can see from the photo we had a great day dressed as our favourite book character. We read lots of books during the day and raised lots of money. Thanks for your great support!

    This week is International Week and we have been exploring Spain; learning some Spanish words, singing a Spanish song and making mosaics and patterned tiles based on Spanish art.

    We have also been celebrating our Dads and other male role models we have in our families. "My dad helps me find my footballs when I lose them," Sam told us. " My dad looks for crabs with me," said Syzmon.


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 10/06/21, by Steve Richardson

    We've made a great start to the last half-term this year. It's hard to believe that we have only six weeks left of this year!

    This week we have been reading Handa's Surprise and the children have enjoyed acting out and re-telling the story. "The elephant took the pineapple," Theo said.

    We have also looked at how we can look after and care for our world and the environment. We talked about not leaving litter and rubbish and what things we can re-cycle. We have started to re-cycle the waste paper in our classroom.

    The children really enjoyed the Woodland session with Mrs Merrick as you can see from the picture.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 27/05/21, by Steve Richardson

    We are in the last week of the half-term already and it looks like summer might be here at last! We had a great PE session on the big field, practising throwing and catching tennis balls, as well as playing some fun team games.

    We have been reading the Gingerbread Man this week, acting out the story and writing about it. We rolled out playdough and used cutters to make our own Gingerbread men. "You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man," Aiden told me.

    In maths we have been exploring numbers and how we can make them in different ways. "Three and two makes five," Oscar explained. "Four and one is five," added Lauren. We also used Numicon to explore making numbers in different ways. "Eight and six is fourteen," Ava told me showing me an eight and six Numicon.

    Enjoy the holiday and I'll see you all back on Tuesday the 8th June. Next half-term we have changed our PE day to Friday so please can the children come in their PE kits on Wednesdays and Fridays. We also have a day in the Woodland on the Wednesday during the first week back - 9 June. We will go in whatever the weather so please can you make sure your child has the appropriate clothing on that day.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 20/05/21, by Steve Richardson

    We enjoyed re-telling the story of Noah's Ark and hope you enjoyed the video we made for our class assembly. 

    This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk; acting out the story and writing about it. "Fee, fi, fo, fum," said Oliver, pretending to be the giant. "I smell an Englishman," he continued. 

    Isabelle showed me some numicon pieces she had; "Eight plus three makes eleven," she told me. Rae joined in with some different pieces, "Ten plus two is twelve." They both went off to write down their number sentences.

    We also looked at dice patterns, trying to recognise the number pattern without counting the spots. the children proved to be very good at this.

    During PE on the big field we enjoyed playing team games, passing the foam football over our heads and through our legs.

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  • Cherry Class Worship

    Published 17/05/21, by Steve Richardson


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 13/05/21, by Steve Richardson

    We've been reading Red Riding Hood this week and the children have been busy acting out the story and writing about it. Jasmine wrote a super sentence about the story, using her phonics to help her. She read her sentence back to me: "The wolf pretended to be grandma." 

    In Maths we've been reading, writing and ordering numbers. Blanka ordered the big number tiles outside to make a numberline, reading out each number as she put it down.

    We've also been reading the story of Noah's Ark and acting out the story, practising our Class Worship. Watch out next week for the video of our Class Worship.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 06/05/21, by Steve Richardson

    This week we had a super PE session on the big field and worked on developing our throwing skills, trying to throw small foam balls to land in a hoop.

    In maths we have been counting carefully, making sure we can count groups of objects accurately.

    We have also been reading another traditional tale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have re-told the story, acting as Goldilocks and the bears. They really enjoyed experimenting using different voices to match the different characters. Oliver, acting out the story as the daddy bear, used his deep, slow voice to say, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed." Isabelle was mixing the oats, "I'm making porridge," and Teddy told us that, "I had porridge for my breakfast."


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 29/04/21, by Steve Richardson

    It's been another super learning week. We have read a traditional tale:The Little Pigs and the children have really enjoyed acting out the story, using the story language and writing about the pigs and the wolf. We also made the three houses using different materials; straw, sticks and bricks." I made a brick house because the wolf can't blow it down. It's strong," Oscar explained.

    In maths we've been looking at numbers, matching numbers to numicon and objects  and exploring how to make them using two different amounts.

    In PE we have been developing our skills using the lacrosse racquets to push a ball along the ground.

    Remember that the children should come in dressed in their PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesday we have Well-Being Wednesday which involves a lot of physical activity and on Thursday we do PE. 

    Also, we are collecting empty plastic water-bottles to make skittles with. Donations welcome.


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 22/04/21, by Steve Richardson

    We've made a great start to the Summer Term this week.  The children have been really enthusiastic during their learning time.

    I would say the highlight of the week, and what the children have most enjoyed, was PE on the big field. After warming up we played some team games.  The skill we have been developing was negotiating space safely, without bumping into each other. We also had a race right across the field. Everybody managed to finish!

    We continued the Easter story reading and talking about Easter Sunday. "Jesus used his powers to come back to life," Oliver explained. In Literacy we have been having a go at writing sentences and in Maths we've been counting forwards and backwards and completing missing numberlines.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 01/04/21, by Steve Richardson

    It's quite incredible how the time has passed so quickly and we are now at the end of the Spring term. Summer is on the way! The children have settled back into school life so well over the past few weeks and are demonstrating a really positive attitude to their learning. Their resilience is fantastic! 

    This week we have been exploring capacity. "This one is full and this one is half-full," Theo explained about his containers. Lauren described her container, "It's empty."

    We have also been busy writing, remembering to start our sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces and finish with a full stop.

    During our woodland session on Tuesday we were really excited to see that the tadpoles had hatched. 

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 25/03/21, by Steve Richardson

    We had a great Red Nose Day last Friday. The children really enjoyed sharing their jokes with each other. A couple of the best were: "Why is the sand wet?" ; "Because the sea weed." (From Emmie). Sam asked,"Why can't a car play football?". "Because it's only got one boot."

    We've been weighing things this week using the balance scales, comparing which is heavier/lighter. 

    We have also been writing this week to show our writing to Monty, Mrs O'Leary's dog, to help him to learn to write. 

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 19/03/21, by Steve Richardson
    We are really enjoying our Tuesday mornings in the woodland area. This week we made journey sticks by tying things we found on our walk around the woodland to our stick to remember were we had been and what we saw. Rae found a feather and tied it to
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