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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Cherry Class Blog 2020-21

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 22/10/20, by Steve Richardson

    This week we've been smiling a lot in Cherry Class. We have been talking about our school Motto: together we smile, together we care, together we learn and together we share. Developing this theme Oscar and Ezra decided to become Superheroes with a special power to make people smile. Their superpower came from the numicon pegs and they went around the class zapping people with their smile power. This proved very popular with the rest of the class and lots of children discovered they also had the superpower to make people smile. 

    We've also been continuing our counting - up to 10 and beyond. We celebrated a child's birthday this week in Cherry and birthday card writing has been a very popular activity.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 15/10/20, by Steve Richardson

    This week the children have been really keen to build obstacle courses using our large wooden blocks and planks. They have worked together really well, sharing their ideas to build their course, using the red mats to create a lava field and bridged the gap with the planks. They took turns to cross the obstacles, balancing along the blocks and planks to successfully negotiate the course.

    In maths we have been matching numbers with the correct amount of objects 1-9. In writing we have been using our listening ears to hear and say the initial, first sound in words and our names.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 08/10/20, by Steve Richardson

    This week we've been been learning to use the balance bikes and have been using these on the big playground.

    We've also been using our creative area and we've had great fun creating junk models and making kites.

    In Maths we've been choosing a number and counting out objects from a bigger group to match the number.

    In Literacy we've been listening to words to hear and say their initial sounds. "Sun starts with 's'," Jasmine told us.


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  • Cherry Class Harvest Worship

    Published 02/10/20, by Anna Wells

    Come and join Cherry Class for their Harvest Worship...

    Together we smile,

    Together we care,

    Together we learn and,

    Together we share.


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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 01/10/20, by Steve Richardson

    This week we've been talking about how to hold a pencil properly and practising writing our names. Can you help your child to hold their pencil correctly and practise writing their name?

    In Maths we've been exploring the numbers 0 to 5, learning to recognise them, and count out the right amount of objects to match the number.

    Cherry Class have really enjoyed reading the book "Oi Frog", listening for, and saying, the rhyming words. "Frog rhymes with log," Lauren told us.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 18/09/20, by Steve Richardson

    Hello from Cherry Class after another super week of learning. We are getting really good at hearing rhymes in the stories we are reading. "Trees rhymes with Bees," said Ava. Jasmine told us , "Yum rhymes with gum."

    We've been enjoying the fantastic weather to use our outside learning space as much as we can. We went for a listening walk on the school playing field to find out what we could hear. Emmie told us, "I can hear a car." We heard seagulls, children playing, teachers talking, more cars and the wind in the trees. We have also been exploring the sounds we can make with the musical instruments.

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  • Cherry Class Blog

    Published 11/09/20, by Steve Richardson

    The children have made a fantastic start to their school life here at Nyewood. They have settled in really well and all the teachers in Cherry are so impressed by how well the children are engaging in their learning.

    A popular activity this week was painting. "I've done the sun and that's the sky on top. It's blue," Rae told me about her painting.

    We have sent home a rhyming book plus another book your child has chosen from our book box. We will be concentrating on rhymes and hearing rhyming words over the next few weeks and encourage you to help your child to hear and say rhyming words. Thanks!

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