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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Tuesday 28th April

We hope you have all had a good day. The sun is still shining! 
In school yesterday, we made obstacle courses outside, practised our days of the week and we thought about the different characters in a story and those we could change. We have been thinking of some creative ideas of how we can make the apple orchard look more exciting. 


This week in our reading learning we are going to be looking at the Super Six Skill of Questioning.

Today read the story you looked at yesterday. Perhaps you can take it in turns to read a page each.


The purpose of our writing for the next few weeks is to learn some new skills to re-write a familiar story with our own twist to it!

Today we are going to think about creating a character profile. Can you give them a name? Draw a picture of them? What are your character's hobbies?



This week we will be looking at using the language before and after relating to the days of the week.

BLUE: Can you write the days of the week? This can be with chalk, pens and paper, water and paint brushes, in sand or mud. (please don’t feel the need to sit down and do it)

YELLOW: Which day is 2 days before Wednesday? Which day is 4 days after Monday? Which day is 6 days before Sunday? What day is it a week after Thursday?

RED: Can you create your own ‘dream’ timetable for the week? What would you do each day? Don’t forget you could use the times you practised last week to make your timetable even more detailed.


Today’s topic learning is, labelling parts of the body. You could draw your around your body outside in chalk and then label it. Or perhaps you could change the words to heads shoulders knees and toes to include more body parts.