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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! We hope you have all had a relaxing weekend in the sunshine! We can’t wait to hear about what you have all been up to when we next see you! Happy birthday to anyone that has celebrated a birthday over the past week or so and happy birthday to anyone that will be celebrating a birthday over the next week too! We also hope you have been enjoying the tasks and activities we have been posting for you all to take part in and we hope you enjoy this week’s activities that we will continue to post daily! Continue reading for today’s tasks…


In reading this week we will be focusing on the super six skill of 'Making Connections'. Using a book of your choice, have a go at making connections between the story and your own experiences.

Have you ever been to where your story is set?
What did you do there?
Who was with you?

If you would like some new books to read and try, alongside some book themed activities, why not take a look at the BookTrust website in their ‘Home Time’ section.

Click this link for all the activities:

Or if you’d rather go straight to the books, click the following link:


At the moment in writing we will be focusing on writing letters. Today we will start to write our letters. Make sure you read your plan first and that your write in the past tense! Ask an adult to help you find the address of the person you are writing to.

Blue - Make sure you write a few sentences using ‘and’ in your letter.

Yellow - Make sure you use joining words and a variety of sentence starters in your letter.

Red - Make sure you use joining words, sentence starters and paragraphs in your letter. (Reminder: a paragraph is a part of a piece of writing that is made up of one or more sentences and is to do with one topic or idea. We separate our paragraphs by leaving a line).


In mathematics today, we would like you to practise sequencing and ordering numbers. The activities below are at three levels; pick the level that you think is best for you.

Blue - Use the number cards you made last week, choose 5 and put them in order from smallest to largest.

Yellow - Find 5 numbers up to 100 and put them in order from smallest to largest.

Red -  Find 10 numbers up to or over 100 and put them in order from largest to smallest.


Today’s topic lesson is about music.

Can you use all your knowledge of healthy eating and food groups to write a short song, rhyme, rap or poem?
Remember to include all you know about the different food groups and why they are important.
Can you perform your song, rhyme, rap or poem to your family or a friend? You could even record yourself performing it or, share it with the rest of the Nyewood Family with help from an adult on the Nyewood Facebook page!


If you need another fun activity to keep you busy, why not look at Rob Biddulph’s website and have a go at drawing along with him by watching one of his drawing videos! Some of you may have had a go at the Gregosaurus or the Sausage Dog already at school a few weeks ago.