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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

A message from...

Hello Nyewood Family!

I hope you are all well, I love seeing your photos. I have been into school some days, with lots of time at home with my son and our dog Elsie too. We have been taking Elsie for walks. We've planted a lot of things in our garden, including this apple tree. We have a book we love called 'The Lost Words'. The lost words is all about words that have been lost from the language of children, the lost words are, 'acorn', 'bluebell,' 'bramble,' 'dandelion,' 'fern', 'heron', 'ivy', and 'magpie', to name but a few. On our walks with Elsie, or in our garden we look for the lost words. At the moment you can find dandelions and bluebells, and there are always magpies flying around! Maybe you will spot some!

Be well, Mrs Bond


Hi everyone, Mrs Summers here.

Certainly strange times we are living through.  I miss seeing you at school. Hope to see you again soon.  How are you filling your days?  What are you doing?

I have been tidying, cleaning, gardening, trying to exercise indoors and walking most days.  Who has been joining in with Joe Wicks?  I have also been doing some school work, hope you have been doing yours.  My lovely ginger cat, Hamish, has been enjoying the extra cuddles!

We are very lucky that we can walk to the beach for our daily exercise there is so much space, especially when the tide is out, lots of lovely fresh air to breathe. 

Have any of you been looking for rainbows on your walks?  The other day I counted 29!  Yesterday I went on a bear hunt and found a house with 14 teddies in the window!!

Joke for the day: How does a cat bake a cake?

Answer:  From scratch!

Be kind and stay safe

Best wishes

Mrs Summers


At school today we have been on scavenger hunts, watered the plants, created shadow drawings and played on the bikes! We even made our own puzzles out of our own pictures for our friends to try! Perhaps you could try some of these activities at home too!