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Hawthorn Class Blog 2020-21

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  • International week

    Published 17/06/21, by Mimi Adlam

    This week we have been exploring the country of Kenya! 

    The children have been so excited and inspired this week to learn lots of different things about Kenya and the people who live there. We have even been trying to learn phrases in Swahili (the language that they speak). I wonder how many parents/carers have heard the word "Jambo" this week from their child?! It means "Hello".

    In particular this week we have enjoyed being creative with our learning about Kenya. We have been making African sunset scenes and Maasai necklaces. We have also all had a part in helping to create our large scale leopard 'Lenny the Leopard'. We hope to leave this on display outside our classroom for you all to see!

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  • Welcome back

    Published 10/06/21, by Leah Holmes
    The children in Hawthorn Class have worked hard this week on recognising numbers and their values. If you are out and about with your child, can you challenge them to see if they can read the numbers on different houses? All the children in H
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  • Fantastic Finish!

    Published 27/05/21, by Claire Lawlor

    This week we have completed our work on insects from the, ‘All things bright and beautiful’ topic. We finished and published our posters/booklets which we are very proud of. On Thursday for our, ‘Fantastic  Finish’ we enjoyed doing lots of activities which were bug related ie, word searches, anagrams and bug hunting it was great fun!! 

    In Maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been adding and subtracting double digit numbers which can be quite tricky sometimes but we tried very hard.

    On well being Wednesday we enjoyed making wriggly worms in Art and did some exercise workouts in the playground. We also relaxed to some chill out music.

    I hope you all enjoy your holiday and you will return after half term ready to do some more fantastic learning!!

    Mrs MacPherson

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  • Busy busy

    Published 21/05/21, by Charlotte Rice
    This week we have continued our research into bugs. We decided how we wanted to display our information we could choose a leaflet, poster or booklet. We will continue to work on these during our writing lessons next week and can’t wait to share
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  • What a busy week!

    Published 12/05/21, by Charlotte Rice
    Our learning has focused around insects and mini beasts. We have been reading, writing and researching about them. In Science we predicted and investigated where we would find the most insects in our school grounds. Do you remember where we found
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  • Eye Spy Tadpoles!

    Published 25/03/21, by Sam Mitchell
    This week during out woodland time we saw tadpoles! It was very exciting to see them all wriggling in the water. Mrs Mitchell scooped some out so we could take a closer look. A few of them had even started to grow their back legs! We also spent some
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  • A super busy week!

    Published 18/03/21, by Sam Mitchell
    This week in Woodland time we looked at the pond for different signs of life. We saw pondweed and pond snails but unfortunately, the frogs were hiding. We did see lots of frogspawn! We also looked for different spring flowers and other signs of sprin
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  • Welcome Back!

    Published 11/03/21, by Sam Mitchell
    What a fantastic week! It has been so wonderful to be back together as a Nyewood Family this week. We have had lots of fun working together to complete team games, like crossing the ooey, gooey swamp with stepping stones. We have been using numico
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  • What a busy week!

    Published 04/03/21, by Sam Mitchell
    Wow what a week we have had! We have been jolly busy enjoying our learning both in school and at home. We have made animal masks inspired by Maya Masks carefully looking at the detail of the animals. Which animal did you choose? I chose a fr
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  • Well-being Wednesday

    Published 02/03/21, by Sam Mitchell
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  • Hawthorn Class Worship- Good News!

    Published 01/03/21, by Sam Mitchell

    Welcome to Hawthorn Class worship!

    Both in school and at home, we have been working hard on our understanding of the Gospel stories in the Bible, and the good news they bring. Take a look at our worship below to find out what we have been up to, and our understanding on this. Enjoy!

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  • A Terrific Week!

    Published 25/02/21, by Sam Mitchell
    This week we have our Terrific Take-off! We have had lots of fun developing our skills across the curriculum to learn all about Britain. We looked at a map of Britain and talked about the places we have been. We looked at the work of Banksy
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