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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Tuesday 14th July


Kid’s workout – Joe Wicks


Project Week

We hope you all enjoyed Sports Day yesterday. We had lots of fun at school creating new activities for our Sport Day.

The rest of this week will be project week. The project will be based round the circus.

You were amazing at creating a new seaside theme park, so now it is time to plan Circus World!

Use your maths skills and knowledge to finance the project, decide what food to create for the restaurants and use your creative skills and talents for the circus skills and activities.

Do you accept the challenge?

What skills can people learn when they visit Circus World?

Will there be clowns at Circus World? How many?

What kind of food and drinks will you sell?

Think about everything you will need to go into the Circus World.

Write a list of everything you want to include in Circus World.

Challenge – how many people will you need to run Circus World? Too many people and you won’t make a profit. Too few people and the customers will get bored having to wait.


E safety

Watch the video clip about getting SMART online with Sammi the parrot.

Questions and games:

What does T stand for?

Tell me the best things people use technology for.

How does being bullied online make someone feel?

What else could they do?

Who can you tell?

How can you tell someone?

Challenge time.



How are did you feel when you joined the Nyewood family? How quickly did your feelings change? How are you feeling now? Think back, who/what helped you before. What will change? What will stay the same? Make a list with your grown up. Perhaps you could write/ record a question you would like to find the answer to? You can share this to our Facebook page.