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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Wednesday 15th July


Zumba kids – old town road


Project Week

You have £150 Crazy Clown pounds to stock your Circus World with clowns, skills and food so spend wisely.

Toilets £7

Hotel £27      

Restaurant £19

Ice cream shop £12

Train around the World £18

Beach burgers and chips van £15

Clowns £14 each

Circus Tent £18

Performers £15 each

Souvenir Shop £12

Fill in the attractions shopping list of everything you want in your Circus World. Can you afford everything? Work out what you can get. Do you need more than one of something? You can add skills and entertainers of your own. Remember to give them a price.

Challenge – What skills will the entertainers be doing? Can you learn a new skill for the Circus World?


Name of attraction

How many?























RE - How can we care for our wonderful world?

Members of the church like to work together to make sure God’s World is clean and tidy. We are going to work together to make our Nyewood School clean and tidy. We are going look/check for rubbish on the floor (inside and outside) and pick it up. We also like our World to look nice, so we are going to dig up the weeds in our garden and plant some bulbs/flowers. Why do we want our school and our world to look nice and tidy?


PSED: Listen to this story…our Year 2 children are busy writing letters to their new teachers…                                                               I wonder why the character wrote so many different letters to his teacher! Was he really doing all of those things? How do you think he is feeling?