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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

EYFS Learning at Home.

Day 3


Hi Everyone, 

We hope you are keeping well and listening carefully to the Prime Minister and staying inside. I know this can be boring but remember it is important for us to keep safe and well. 

So here are a few more tasks we would like you to do for us...

In reading, can you use your puppets to retell your story to your audience? How can you make it exciting? Will you use different voices for the different characters?

In writing, we would like you to begin writing in sentences to retell the story?  The important thing to remember is that every story needs a beginning, middle and end. How will your story begin? Remember the strategies we have talked about in school. 

1. Say the sentence out loud, tell it to your grown up, tell it to your teddy. This will help you to remember your sentence. Ask your grown up to help you to read back your writing to check that is makes sense and to help you to work out what the next word should be.

2. Use your sounds for spelling. You might be able to hear and write 1 sound, or lots of sounds in 1 word. It doesn't matter. Listen carefully for the beginning, middle and last sound. Not every spelling has to be correct, so please do not worry. However, there are some owl words you might be able to spell correctly already.

3. Challenge...We would like at least 3 sentences, but if you can do more...go for it. Aim high, be the best you can be!

In mathematics, continue using your number tiles, can you count out objects to match the numbers? What could you use? Crayons? Cars? Dolls? Pegs? Use your imagination...anything can be counted!

Other Areas of Learning: Continue with your model from yesterday. Don't forget to take a photo to show us when we are back at school. If it's not too big, you can always bring it in, we would love to see it.

I know that lots of the grown ups are working hard to keeping active, so here is another link. Plus at 9am every morning, Joe Wicks is doing a work out for children, although I know lots of adults that are joining in with this too

Jodie Rix (Former Regis School PE and fitness teacher) family friendly Fitness. YouTube link below:

Family Fitness - Standing Balance sequence:

That's all for now, take care. We'll be back tomorrow with some more exciting learning.

The EYFS Team.