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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

We Cannot Wait to Have Our Holly Family Back Together!

The classroom is set up and ready to welcome you all back for a fresh start with all the signs of Spring!

We cannot wait to see all your lovely faces again but we understand that you might be feeling a whole range of emotions about coming back after so long. Here is a little poem that we found that will hopefully put your worries at rest! It is a conversation between a child and their teacher:


"We’re going back to school; I might feel I need to cry,"

But friends are just like sunshine – they will help the tears to dry.

"We’re going back to school; I might feel nervous at the door," 

But joy will soon take over to see our Holly friends once more.

"We’re going back to school; I might have forgot a rule or two,"

But soon you will remember as we gently talk them through.

"We’re going back to school; they might do things a different way," 

But new will turn to normal as we practise day by day.

"We’re going back to school; I might be feeling scared,"

But don’t forget: a problem gets much smaller once it’s shared.

"We’re going back to school; I might be facing things unknown,"

But doing them together means we’ll never be alone.

"We’re going back to school, where I can laugh and learn and play,

Then head back home for cuddles once we’ve had a lovely day."


We are here to look after you and help you settle back into school life happily. We are all in this TOGETHER!


Lots of Love from

Miss Chandler, Mrs Smart, Mrs Charlton and Mrs K