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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Tuesday 18th May


We are going to continue to practise our core skills. Today we are going to be looking at spelling our common exception words, or suffix words if you want a challenge. Choose between 5 and 10 words that you can’t spell confidently and practise these. You could use chalk, paint, a pen, a paintbrush and water on the ground, sand, nature, bubble writing, play noughts and crosses or make a picture with them!


Today we are going to continue with the Super Six strategy, Visualising. Ask your adult or sibling to read you the same story again as yesterday – make sure you can’t see the pictures! This time when they read to you, we would like you to act out or show how you think the characters might be feeling. For example, if your character is getting cross, make a cross face.


Today in mathematics we will be learning about addition. We will be adding together two numbers again. Think about what you did yesterday. Did you find anything tricky? Have another go today or challenge yourself! You might like to use dice to choose the numbers for you! Remember to draw dienes or use counting objects to help you!

Blue- two numbers up to 20

Yellow- two numbers up to 50

Red- two 2-digit numbers up to and over 100


Today in topic we are continuing with our music. Using the instruments you made yesterday, can you get your instrument to make a deep sound? What about a high-pitched sound? Maybe you could make a different type of instrument and compare the sound. How is it different?

Daily fitness challenge:

How many bunny hops can you do in 30 seconds? Now do it again, can you beat your time?