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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Wednesday 20th May


Today we are going to be putting the common exception words or the suffix words you learnt yesterday into sentences. You can write sentences about whatever you like! Perhaps you could make silly sentences? Make sure you use the neat hand writing you practised on Monday!


Today we are going to continue with the Super Six strategy, Visualising. Using the book you were read yesterday, we would like you to draw, make or model what you think the main character or characters of the book might look like, using just what you have heard. If you need the book read to you again, then ask your adults nicely. Closing your eyes when you visualise might help!

Challenge: can you write down the words that helped you visualise what the characters looked like? Perhaps there were some adjectives that gave you a clue.


Today in Mathematics we will be learning about subtraction. We will be taking one number away from another. Make sure the bigger number comes first, otherwise you can’t take away! Use dienes, numberlines or counting objects to help you!

For example: 28 – 12 =

On a numberline find a circle the number 28. Then count back 12 jumps. What number have you landed on? That’s your answer!

Use the challenges below to know which size number to choose. Pick two numbers and take one away from another.

Blue- two numbers up to 10

Yellow- two numbers up to 30

Red- two numbers up to 50


Today in topic we are continuing with our music. Can you shake, bang or twang your instrument to a tune? Try to twinkle twinkle little star. Maybe you could change some of the words to make it your own song.

Daily fitness challenge:

How far can you throw a ball? Mark how far you threw it. Now see if you can throw it further.