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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Tuesday 24th March


In reading this week we will be focussing on the super six skill of Questioning. Using the book you read yesterday, have a go at answering these questions:

What does the main character look like?

How do you think he/she felt when…

Why do you think that?

If the main character was younger, how would it change the story?



At the moment in Writing we will be focusing on writing letters. One of the skills we are practising to be able to write our letters is using a variety of different sentence starters. Here are some boring sentences. Can you edit them so they have more exciting sentence starters?  E.g. ‘I have been to the beach.’ Could be changed to ‘On a boiling, hot, sunny day, I went to the beach.’

I had a bucket and spade.

The sea was choppy.

I went to the park.

I went to the shops.

The forest was dark.


In mathematics today, we would like you to play the game below to practice adding and taking away ten or adding or taking one. The activities below are at three levels, pick the level that you think is best for you.

Blue - Pick a number up to 30, count on or back to find one more or less.

Yellow- Pick a number to 100, count on or back to find one more or less. Choose a number ending in a zero. What do you notice if you go up or down the columns?

Red – Pick a number to 100, count on or back to find ten more or less.



Today’s topic lesson is about design technology.
Using the shopping list you wrote yesterday, can you use your chosen ingredients to design a healthy snack? Can you draw a picture of your snack? You could make a pattern using your ingredients or even a picture!
Can you write about the foods you have chosen and why you have chosen these ingredients?