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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Chestnut Class Blog 2020-21

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  • Number bonds to 20

    Published 15/10/20, by Charlotte Rice
    This week the children have been busy working out number bonds to 10 and then 20. The children have used all sorts of equipment to work out 2 numbers to make 20. You can use anything! Toys, pasta. Encourage your child to write their number bonds, usi
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  • Outdoor Reflection Area

    Published 08/10/20, by Charlotte Rice
    We have had another busy week in Chestnut. The children have loved exploring the Outdoor Reflection Area. They decided what they wanted in it. The children were keen to draw pictures of what they thought God looked like. They are keen to add more to
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  • Adding

    Published 01/10/20, by Charlotte Rice
    Another week has flown by. The children have been working hard using lots of different equipment to add 2 numbers together. Some children have been counting in tens and ones to work out the answer which has been great. Maybe your child could practice
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  • Chestnut Harvest Worship

    Published 28/09/20, by Charlotte Rice

    Together we smile, together we care, together we learn and together we share.

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  • We love Woodland Wednesday

    Published 24/09/20, by Charlotte Rice
    Another busy week with the Chestnut family. The children loved Woodland Wednesday. The rain stayed away which was great! The children made rafts from string and sticks they found in the conservation area. Next time it's Woodland Wednesday we
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  • Working hard

    Published 17/09/20, by Charlotte Rice
    It has been a busy week in Chestnut Class. The children have been learning to use Numicon to make 2 digit numbers and some have progressed onto dienes which has been amazing to see.  The children have also been writing, remembering to use the
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  • First week together

    Published 11/09/20, by Charlotte Rice
    We have had such a great week at school in the Chestnut family. The children have been learning each other's names, working hard and so good at washing their hands. We have been reading The day the crayons quit and talked about different feeli
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