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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Apple Class Blog 2019-2020

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  • Tuesday 2nd June

    Published 01/06/20, by Emily Walker


    This week’s learning is going to be based around the clip that is linked below. Please watch the clip of the Little Shoe Maker.

    After watching the video clip, think about the shoemaker and the shop. Can you draw a picture of both and make a bank of words to describe them?

    • You could use your adjectives (describing words) to create some expanded noun phrases.


    This week we are continuing with the super six skill of visualising. Can you or you grown up choose a song to listen to? While listening to the song can you write/draw some ideas about the song. What sounds can you hear? What words/phrases are in the song? Is it a happy, sad, excited song?


    This week we are looking at 3D shapes. Today we are going to hunt around the house/outdoor area for a range of 3D shapes.

    Blue- Can you find different shapes around the house?
    Yellow- Can you find a range of different 3D shapes around the house and name them?
    Red- Can you find a range of different 3D shapes and record these in a table?

    3D shapes could include…


    Todays topic learning is R.E. Today we would like you to pick a Bible story. You could find one in your Bible at home, a video on you tube or on BBC Bite size. Can you retell the Bible story in your own way? This could be creating your own story book, a comic strip, through drama or even making a model!

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  • Hello from Mrs Mitchell

    Published 28/05/20, by Sam Mitchell
    Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine during the half term break. I have had lots of fun this week! I went down the beach with my doggy and my little girl. We built lots of sandcastles and my dog really enjoyed digging big holes!
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  • Thursday 28th May

    Published 28/05/20, by Leah Holmes
    Hello,  We hope you are all enjoying your half term! I have been at school this week, and we have had fun making bridges between tables and doing lots of 'Draw with Rob' activities. In the evening I have enjoyed taking my dog Winnie
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  • A message from Mrs Walker

    Published 26/05/20, by Emily Walker

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine! I have been loving the sunshine over the past few weeks. I feel very lucky as I have been able to explore the area I live in with my children. We have found lots of amazing new spaces. We have enjoyed climbing trees, finding bugs and running through fields filled with buttercups.

    We have also been busy in our garden, weeding plants and we have even planted some sweet peas and sunflowers. Something else that we have loved doing in our garden is reading stories in the shade. I wonder if any of you could read your favourite stories outside?

    If you are going for walks this week maybe you would like to see if you can go on a colour hunt and collect things or take pictures of things which are your favourite colour.

    I hope you all continue to keep safe and happy and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

    Mrs Walker

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  • A Message from Miss Rice

    Published 22/05/20, by Charlotte Rice
    Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well and keeping safe! I am well and enjoying the sunshine at the moment! I have loved being in the garden, going for walks and having lots of yummy BBQs amongst working. I have discovered lots of new walking and cy
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  • Friday 22nd May

    Published 21/05/20, by Sam Mitchell
    Please see today's learning below;   Writing We need your help today! We have found these pieces of writing but we need you to help us edit and correct them as we don’t think some of the spellings are right and we don’t
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  • Thursday 21st May

    Published 20/05/20, by Sam Mitchell
    Writing Today in writing we will be learning to use exclamation marks and question marks. Do you know what they do? Have a look at these videos explaining how to use them: https:
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  • Wednesday 20th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Charlotte Rice
    Writing: Today we are going to be putting the common exception words or the suffix words you learnt yesterday into sentences. You can write sentences about whatever you like! Perhaps you could make silly sentences? Make sure you use the neat hand
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  • Tuesday 18th May

    Published 18/05/20, by Sam Mitchell
    Writing We are going to continue to practise our core skills. Today we are going to be looking at spelling our common exception words, or suffix words if you want a challenge. Choose between 5 and 10 words that you can’t spell confidently an
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  • Monday 18th May

    Published 18/05/20, by Sam Mitchell
    Writing This week in writing we are going to practise a range of core skills. Today we are going to practise our handwriting. Use this website to check your letter formation; Can y
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  • Friday 15th May

    Published 15/05/20, by Leah Holmes
    Fitness Challenge: Today, can you travel around like a penguin? Would you be moving fast or slow? Do they just use their feet to move around? Today is a presentation day. So now the week is over, we hope you have had fun researching all about your
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  • Thursday 14th May

    Published 13/05/20, by Leah Holmes

    Today in school we used a saw to cut up a branch into lots of discs and then we used a hand drill to make holes in the discs. We created bright, colourful windmills to hang from the trees and tried to decorate them with lots of different insects. 

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