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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Monday 27th April


This week in our reading learning we are going to be looking at the Super Six Skill of Questioning.

Together as a family choose a book which you haven’t looked at much, start by looking at the front cover and talk about what you think might happen in the story.


The purpose of our writing for the next few weeks is to learn some new skills to re-write a familiar story with our own twist to it!

Think of a character from your story that you can change. Why would this character suit the story?


This week we will be looking at using the language before and after relating to the days of the week.

BLUE: can you verbally recall the days of the week?

YELLOW: Can you start by writing the days of the week in the correct order? Your grown up could while you are not looking switch the days around, can you work out which day they have moved and put it back in the right place?

RED: Which day is 2 days before Wednesday? Which day is 4 days after Monday? Which day is 6 days before Sunday? What day is it a week after Thursday?


Today’s topic learning is about science. Can you watch clips of different animals at the zoo? Can you pick your favourites and share some facts with your adults?

Hear is a link to a website which has access to different zoos around the world for you to view;