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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Thursday 26th March 2020

Enjoy today's learning!


In reading this week we will be focusing on the super six skill of Questioning. Using the book you've been reading, have a go at answering these questions:

What parts of your story were happy?

Were there any sad parts of your story?

If an event in your story didn’t happen, would the emotions in your story change?

Can you think of any other emotions in your story? 

Perhaps you could ask the other people you live with these questions about the books they are reading too!


At the moment in writing we will be focusing on writing letters. One of the skills we are practising to be able to write our letters is writing in the correct tense. Past tense means that it has already happened, present tense means that it is happening now. Can you decide if these sentences are in the past or present tense?

I went to the doctors because I felt poorly.

I am trying to find my cup but it’s missing.

I ran to the park with my dog.

Yesterday we played in the garden because it was sunny.

I am drawing a picture of my cat because she is fluffy.

Now write your own past tense sentences about what you did yesterday.


In mathematics today, we would like you to play the game below to practise recognising 2D shapes. Have a go at putting the shapes together; what pictures can you make? Can you tell your adult which shapes you have used and how many of each there are in the picture? The activities below are at three levels, pick the challenge that you think is best for you.

Blue - Go around your house and look at the different shapes you can see. What shape did you find the most?

Yellow - Can you find an example of the following 2D shapes in your house? (Rectangle, square, triangle, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon).

Red - Which 3D shapes can you find in your house? (Cube, cylinder, cuboid, sphere, pyramid, cone). Can you describe them using the words, faces, vertices, edges?


Today’s topic lesson is about design technology.
Think about your healthy snack you made yesterday.

Did you enjoy it?

What foods went well together?

What did you enjoy?

What went well?

What would you change next time?

Does it look like your design?

Can you think about these questions and write a short evaluation of your healthy snack.