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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Thursday 21st May


Today in writing we will be learning to use exclamation marks and question marks. Do you know what they do? Have a look at these videos explaining how to use them:

Can you find any in the books you have at home?

Challenge: Can you write your own?



Today we are going to continue with the Super Six strategy, Visualising. We would like you to draw or make a setting or scene from the book you have been hearing this week, using only what you have heard to help you. You might want to create one scene, or you might want to create all the scenes if there are more than one! If you need the book read to you again, then ask your adults nicely. Closing your eyes when you visualise might help!

Challenge: Can you write down the words that helped you visualise what the scenes looked like? Perhaps there were some adjectives that gave you a clue.


Today in mathematics we will be learning about subtraction. We will be taking one number away from another. Make sure the bigger number comes first, otherwise you can’t take away! Use dienes, numberlines or counting objects to help you!

For example: 28 – 12 =

On a numberline find and circle the number 28. Then count back 12 jumps. What number have you landed on? That’s your answer!

Try the challenges below:


Ben has 9 apples. He eats 2. How many does he have left?

Amy has 7 balloons. 5 fly away. How many does she have left?

Sara has 12 balls. She kicks 4 over the fence. How many does she have left?


Ben has 29 apples. He eats 12. How many does he have left?

Amy has 26 balloons. 15 fly away. How many does she have left?

Sara has 19 balls. She kicks 14 over the fence. How many does she have left?


Ben has 38 apples. He eats 16. How many does he have left?

Amy has 47 balloons. 25 fly away. How many does she have left?

Sara has 42 balls. She kicks 25 over the fence. How many does she have left?

Challenge: Bobby has 78 berries on his tree. Yesterday 32 were eaten by squirrels. The next day 25 were eaten by birds. How many berries are left on his tree?



Save the cardboard from the inside of a roll e.g. kitchen roll.

Decorate it carefully with a face or target design.

Stand it up long ways and take 3 steps away.

Using paper balls try and aim at your target and knock it over by throwing your paper balls at it using your writing (dominant) hand first and then again with your other hand. You can keep a score and see if you are improving with your throwing (accuracy).


Once you start to knock it over a lot, take another step away from it to make it a bit harder. Try again as before using first one hand and the other.

If you collect a few cardboard rolls, you could use them to make a pyramid shape - 2 to on the floor and then put the 3rd one on top of the other 2.

You could decorate them in lots of different colours or pictures or you could give each one a name or a number. Then you could choose one and just try to knock that over without knocking the others over.

The more rolls you collect the higher you can make your targets.

You can give yourself challenges such as knocking off just the top one without making the others fall. Or you could try knocking more than one over with just one throw.


Daily fitness challenge:

Set out a distance to run (you might like to do this at the park with your grown-up as a part of your daily exercise). How long does it take you to run that far? Now see if you can beat your time.