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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Diversity Week

This week we have been learning about Diversity all week and thought about ways in which we are all the same and what makes us different/unique.

We wrote a class poem and are learning some sign language to help us perform this:

We are special because we are in the Sycamore family,
We are special because we help others,
We are special because we are quiet and thoughtful,
We are special because we are good at learning,
We are special because we play happily,
We are special because we are kind and caring friends.

Later in the week we wrote an individual poem about what makes us each special and unique.  For example some of us are good at running or swimming, some of us can speak another language.

In PE we took it in turns to wear a blindfold, our partner then guided us around a simple obstacle course of cones.  We passed a bean bag to each other without using our hands and we had to communicate and follow instructions using only actions.  

We also played some games using a hoop and some beanbags. Again we worked with a partner, one of whom wore a blindfold, and had to get our beanbag into our hoop.  We then had to play the game using no hands, then we played but were only allowed to hop on one foot. These games were quite tricky, but we noticed that some of us found hopping on one foot really tricky, whilst others said they thought that was the easiest of all the games we played. So we realised again that we are all unique.

In Maths meeting we have been practising our number bonds following the actions of a man in a wheelchair who has a lovely singing voice. That has been fun and has helped us learn our number bonds to 10!

We also thought about and then wrote our Good News and related this to the Good News that Jesus brings in the Bible. It was lovely to hear all the great news we have!

Each morning we have been checking the temperature for Science and have noticed that today is colder than the other days of the week.

If you have been learning at home this week we look forward to seeing your learning when you return to school.