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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

Early Years

At Nyewood Infant School in Early Years we understand the importance of children exploring their learning through play. This play and exploration can be enhanced through well used resources. Here you will find some links to different internet resources which we hope can help you.


Here are some websites which can help support everyday mathematical learning and language.

Topmarks Maths Games -

ICT Games (Maths) -


Communication Language and Literacy (including reading and writing)

Here is an app which you might like to download (free on smart phones), it will help you take stories whereever you go,

Here is a programme which can help support the early learning of phonics,

Alphablocks -

At Nyewood Infant School we often use Phonics Play in both our taught sessions and during the children’s choosing time. At home you could find it helpful as it has a range of games to play from early learners to later stages in phonics learning.

Phonics Play - 

Oxford Owl -

Teach Your Monster to Read -

ICT Games (English) -


Understanding the World

This part of our curriculum is all about looking and exploring the world around us. Please take time to stop and talk about things you see and the changes around you. Talk about previous trips both in the UK and abroad, what was similar and what was different.

Here are a few programmes and games which are good at exploring different parts of the world and how things work.

Throughout the year, Cbeebies publish a range of videos, quizzes and activities linked to learning about other cultures and traditions such as Chinese New Year, St George’s Day and the festival of Eid. To find these, head to their site and enter the festival into their search engine:

This area of the curriculum also explores technology and how things move or work. Here are some websites which can support this learning without having to use any resources;


Expressive Arts and Design

This area of our curriculum explores making marks, creating but also listening, making and moving to music.


Here is an App which you might like to look at (free)


Physical Education

Like many things in our curriculum we believe that its best that you just get up and get going. Don’t forget if and when you have time to join in with your children as it makes their learning more memorable.

Supermovers -

Body Coach -  

Jump Start Jonny -

Physical Education is not just about keeping active. It is also about teaching our children to live a healthy lifestyle. The following websites may help you to discuss these ideas with you child

Diet -