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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God


Mathematics at Nyewood is all about numbers, shapes and measures. We want everyone to have a sense of number. This means we can think about how is best to solve a problem rather than just learning facts, although knowing some facts will make things easier.

At home there is maths all around you.

  • Maybe you can help with the cooking, reading recipes and weighing or counting out ingredients.
  • You might want to learn how to tell the time by reading a clock so you know when it is dinner or bedtime.
  • Counting things around the house is also a great activity. You might want to count socks or shoes in twos or gloves in fives.
  • Perhaps you might have some loose change in the house somewhere. Can you name the coins? Maybe you would like to play shops with it and the other people in your house to help you add and take away.
  • Playing board games with a dice will help your counting on and recognising dice patterns without needing to count.

Here are some games we like to play:


There are also lots of good games you can play on your computer or tablet too. Make sure you play them with an adult, so you are safe, and so they know you are not playing games too easy or hard for you.